Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday 23rd - Athletics Day (Première partie) <-- Get it?

Hi, reader!

Monday went by today and on this day Tamaki Primary had its annual Athletics Day! It wasn't supposed to be on a Monday, but due to the weather conditions on Friday (rain), it was postponed to this day. I heard that if it rained again today it would be cancelled for the year! So, LUCKY for us as a school it was a hot, sunny day.

I was in Tobruk, in case you didn't know. So I wore red. And black, because I thought it was Blackout Day (to honour Jonah Lomu) but apparently, it was moved to Friday! Great time for a notice, right? When you're already in black. But luckily I wore red, too, so I quickly changed into an inside-out red t-shirt and an inside-out black t-shirt.

With the camera in hand, and a trusty iPad charging in the classroom, I was SURE that I was prepared to take videos and pictures. I really wasn't, as always, so I found myself walking here and there, at the front of everyone then at the side. Stanley was going to help me. He was leading his house, Tripoli. Oh, did I mention the houses? No I didn't, here's the houses below:


No, you've probably already seen them. Previous post, mentioned behind Tobruk. Yeah, you've probab-moving on, the houses were walking around before settling down at their house gazebo. If you didn't know, each house would sit under a gazebo, and you would know it was theirs because each house has a flag! And with the flag are decorations that are the colour of the house team.

Obviously, Tobruk was red, so we went into the red gazebo. I was filming only us walking, because I was one of the chanters. Like, I was leading one chant, so I had to stay with them to yell it out.

Skip a few minutes, and the races were on the way! I was filming the houses, by walking at the back of them, mouthing "I COME IN PEACE" as I walk by the other houses. In case you didn't know, last year, Tobruk won. But, ever since then, the other houses accused us for cheating. Because of the points at last minute. But this year, Mr Minton wasn't the main person at the whiteboard (to keep track of the points), it was Kelly. And she wasn't in Tobruk, so it was fair.

Fair! I tried filming the races at different angles at one time. One angle was on the side. Another angle was at the finishing line, on the finish line, looking back at the racers. Another one was on the side, an-wow! I saw Simon! In case you didn't know, reader, he used to come to Tamaki Primary before going onto college.

We talked a bit and laughed a bit, and I requested an interview with him. He wanted to, he just needed to think. I lied to him that it was for T.P.S News, because, and don't think the wrong way, reader, I don't know if there's any time for me to edit this week. No time. But, he's not going to read this, is he? Of course not. He's a busy person, if you ask me (!).

The heats were going by and so I was going up, because I'm a Year Eight Boy. Obviously. And I ran, but not my hardest. I came 4th. That's an achievement for me. I have a minor heart syndrome, in case you didn't know (wow, there's a lot of "in case you didn't know" stuff in this) that's going alright, but if I do exercise that's a bit more than normal, like running, I get REALLY tired because bloo-nevermind, I'll tell you that in another post later on.

So, races went by, and I went around with the camera. Bored, I gave it to Stanley. He would know what to do with it, besides he was helping me, so might as well give it to him, am I right? He went around and interviewed what I think was a few people. He couldn't race because of his ankle, so it was good that he could do something instead of...instead of...of...oh, gosh, I don't know what I was going to say on that part, let's just move on.

Besides, I'm just going before I forget to blog about this. It was today. It happened today. It was sunny today. So standing in the hot sun is pretty hot and tiring, and racing again was a surprise to me. I was feeling a bit woozy. I didn't know why. Dang it, sun, evening though you brightened up the day, you're SO HOT! And you know what I mean by HOT, reader!

Now I move onto the point of time before the intermission. Me and Stanley had interviewed a woman whose nephews and nieces were in Tobruk! When we interviewed her, I had to explain a bit of why I had to interview her from behind the camera. Now, it doesn't offend anyone (lie) when I say I'm tall. Not "tall". Tall. So to look down at someone while they talk is pretty awkward. Especially on camera. After the interesting interview, parents and family members took to the track to race each other.

Great fun going all around, right before Mr Minton asked me to tell the office that lunchtime was going to start at 1:45pm. I think that's what he said. He also said some other stuff I've forgotten, but I went to the office. Mrs/Ms (don't know) Gibson said that the sausage sizzle wasn't ready yet, but I'd have to ask Sharon if they were ready. So, I walked to her, and she said that Mr Fepuleai, who was outside the hall cooking the sausages, would be the one to ask.

Before I could finish the whole story, he gave me a tray of already cooked sausages. I don't know what I said to Mr Minton, but he said thank you. I was SO CONFUSED, READER! But I do get confused most of the time. Dance competition was on. And there was that song again. You know that song, reader. It's basically the go-to song for me. I was dancing just normally while Mrs Barlow was dancing in the front with me. We (Tobruk) got extra points for that! Yes!

The intermission went on after that.

I'll explain it after.

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