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Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015 - The Evening! And Afterwards...

The Evening Session...

Part Two...

Hi, again, reader.

The session began and along with my film, there were LOADS of films going on screen to the delight of the audience full of family, friends and the community. Stanley and I moved over to sit next to Mrs Kelly and some of the other teachers. Great improvisation on the Ms Aireen Hunt! presentation. Since Kikorangi (this boy from Room 1) wasn't at the evening session, me and Stanley went on our knees and I vaguely remember sounding off-key saying:


The small letters were said normally, while the big letters were said exaggerated. I can only say that the other movies were fantastic and great and there was this one movie where the song "Bad" by Michael Jackson was being played, and STRAIGHT AWAY Stanley and I looked, well, tried to look at Mehi. Because you knoow, she looves Michael Jackson.

Like, a lot.

A lot.

When the festival ended, because all the films are hard to explain, and it's been a few weeks now, Whaea Petra said she was going to drop me and Stanley off to our homes. But luckily Mehi, Maopa, and Lauren, along with probably Toma and Tevita, were going to Burger King. Oh, man, what a bummer. I disguised my bummerness (probably not a word) with a straight face, and we went down the...the...the, uhh...well I forgot what it was called...

But it's the "exits" that lead to the exit, where you have to go around and it's a spiral. Yeah, that. I remember Stanley and Whaea Petra talking about driving. I'm about a few years before I start learning how to drive. That's weird to say, because I am thirteen, still. We passed Burger King, where Miss Kyla's car was going in...then Whaea Petra said we were going to Burger King. Yay!!

Inside, we all went to one table...but since it had a weird part on its seats, we went to another table...but we had to think about it, so we all went to two separate tables with these rotating stools. Legend says that spinning around while eating a sundae will make you a bit...uhh...a bit over the weather for a bit, if you know what I mean...sort of...

Tevita, Toma, and I sat one table and Maopa, Lauren, Mehi, and Stanley sat on another table. And I just want to say thanks to the teachers who brought the food for us. Forgot to say that a couple times through the evening, so I wanted to do it here. Three weeks later. Thank you. Oh, and pictures were taken as well as eating. And drinking. And talking. Here are some of the pictures below!

In the picture, unlike everyone else, I decided to smell Lauren's hair for a while. Call that weird, but at least she didn't know I did it! Orrrr, at least I didn't pull it! I was thinking of a pretty..."unique" pose to do for the pictures taken. It was really awkward, because there were a few pictures taken. That would've been about 10 seconds before having to look at the camera.

After the pictures, I heard the bangs of fireworks outside. I went outside, but as I had just stopped for a moment. This ALWAYS happens to me...when I see the sky for fireworks....they're already done! And I have to wait for the next display! So, I went through a boring wait outside in the cold air, before Lauren came out to say...


*turns around* "Yeah?"

"Get inside, you're talking to yourself!"

Wow, great reason. You know, talking to yourself SOMETIMES (not all the time) can help you sometimes, especially for making decisions on whether to go back in for not seeing a fireworks display happen. But, minutes later, I can remember me and Stanley talking about our little...mishaps that we both encountered earlier in the day....

And it ended in Stanley chasing me outside. "HEEEELLLPP MEEE!!!!" I yell, but because there was glass to block the sounds that weren't as loud as a firework, which happened to go off, and "scare" Stanley off. He ran back inside, and held the door so I couldn't get in. I tried to trick him, but, as always, it fails (what a surprise...). Sitting outside, on a bench, Lauren comes back again, and opens the door.

If we can skip some more minutes of fireworks, talking, laughing, playing, and reminding, it was time to go home. For us students, as I think about it. Being dropped off by Ms Aireen, with Lauren, Maopa, and Stanley, we talked about the year and the movies we saw. And this completely different event that was happening, rather serious and really surprising once I heard about it.

That was weird, but that wasn't going to dwell in my mind, I had a great time, especially, when Ms Aireen said,

"I am going to miss you guys, even if you do make me crazy sometimes!"

And I said,

"Yeah...right, Stanley?"

Geeeeeet iiiiiiiit??

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