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Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015 - Daytime Sessions...

Hi, again, reader.

Okay, so it's been a week since the Manaiakalani Film Festival, so I might as well talk about it before it goes a bit later than expected. As said before in previous posts, I was one of the presenters for the school to present the films from the school. Along with Toma, Tevita, and Stanley, and Kikorangi for a while, we presented our films to most of the schools who attended the daytime session.

It was nervous in the beginning. So nerve-racking, me and Stanley were actually praying before we got up to present our film!!

We were THAT nervous!! Well, at least I was!

But it was lucky that I couldn't see the people, because there was this spotlight, and it covered most of my vision. Phew! I didn't even have to look at the people! After the second session, because that was the session Tamaki Primary was in, with Sommerville Special School, we went into the next session to present to two other schools! WOW! MORE PRESENTING!

Me and Stanley walked into the cinema where the third session had already started. It was dark, like, REALLY dark. There were only those red lights that were placed on the edge of the stairs. I crawled down them, just in case, and while singing the Mission Impossible song theme, we found Mrs Burt, and JUST as I asked her about what was going to happen...

A lady came to me and Stanley to tell us to sit in some seats to wait to present our film. There was a moment in time where this movie called, "Save the World!" and Stanley said quietly,
"I'm soo hungry..." with a dying expression, sliding down the chair a bit,
"Me too..." I reply in a fake breaking-voice voice, and just as I said that...there was that sad violin music that played by the "Save the World!" movie (it's at the pigs part).
"HAD to be this song..." Stanley said, with a laugh.

Great timing, films. That session ended before we knew it, and we had presented some of the films for the second time. I think after Session Three, Ms Kyla and us presenters went to get something to eat before the next session in which Toma and Tevita would present. It was a delight, I hadn't had lunch at the place we were at before. Ever! And really interesting conversations came up.

Interests was the main one. Iiiinnnterrrresssstssss. I feel like a snake saying that. Ssssss. Ssssstaaannnleeeyyy. Nevermind. We had our meal, and goodness delights, I didn't know what I got until I saw what I saw! I thought I ordered this one BLT (which is like a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in toasted bread), but what came with it was chips and a salad!

Wow! I was actually thinking of chips....I just didn't know it would come up!

After eating, we talked a bit more about the evening session. The next session was coming closer, and so we went off. It was just Toma and Tevita presenting this time. It was at 1:00pm probably when Session 5 came. I learned a lot from the movies I watched, and goodness me, was the screen big and bright or what!!

Now, remember those pictures at the top of this post? This is where they take place...

Tamaki College and TKKM o Puau were in the cinema, well the Xtreme Screen cinema (there were two cinemas), for the last session for the day.

Me and Stanley were sitting near the stage where we would present, and this movie, that was apparently the wrong movie to come on, came on. "Green Stuff" was on, it was from Tamaki College by the way, and the main song was "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. Stanley, my GOOD and GREAT FRIEND OF MINE, decided to make a parody from the top of his head.

Radioactive, radioactive, whoooa, oh, whooa, oh,
La, la, Proactiv, la la, Proactiv...

I wanted to give him a straight face but I couldn't stop laughing! I tried pulling my jumper up to cover him but noooo, he pulled it down and kept singing...

Moving on, it came to us. We were to present our film for the last time to college students. It was comforting this time, we (me and Stan) heard our names being called! Obviously that was from people who we knew from last year. After presenting, it was REALLY interesting to hear 'whoa' all over the place. More films went pass, and the next thing you're about to read is true...

Students behind me and Stanley were bad-mouthing the films that were on there!! I mean, it was literally just me and Stanley sitting by ourselves in the row below them, and so we had to strive through all the heckling. I couldn't believe the words they said! I mean, this is the first time I've actually said something on this blog that's bad in its honest way, but, I mean...I mean...gosh, this is the 1000th post all over again...I mean, me and Stanley looked at each other after each bad-saying and...well...we ignored it, it's no use trying to talk to someone while a movie's on.

But that wasn't going to ruin our day, no it wasn't! More movies were coming forth, and we were going to enjoy each one of it. Now, I introduce to you, reader, to Gloria. She's a student from Tamaki College who I met earlier this year at the first Manaiakalani Ambassadors meeting. After presenting her, well, THE movie of a scholarship from Samsung, she came to sit with me and Stanley.

A movie went past, and so, well, you know, another movie called "Fatal Battle". The theme song was "E.T" by Katy Perry and Kanye West. I can't believe actually did what I did while the film was playing. You know the "chorus" part of that song, right, reader? Yeah, so, Stanley said to me:
"Willy, say that to her..." quietly
"Whaaaaaaaaat?!?! Nooo!!" but I was whispering, so it was more like, "WHAAAT....NOOOOO....."
"Come on, I DARE you..." Stanley replied.

So we swapped our seats and now I was sitting next to Gloria, and the film was just in that slow part, and I went closer and said,
"Gloria...I need to tell you something..." or something. I forgot what it was, I was just waiting for the moment.
Gloria waited for a few seconds, while I was waiting for the chorus to hurry already. She gave a gesture that was like, "Hurryyy" or something, and the chorus was about a second away, so I whispered...

"Watch my mouth..." and yes, that sounds a bit wrong to say before the chorus, but if you know the chorus, and can picture what it looked like....yeah, I'm going to end it there, for now...

Stanley was laughing his head off, quietly, and I sat there, awkwardly watching the last film, before the ending Manaiakalani Ending Message, and walked out with Ms Kyla and the other presenters. We walked out and Stanley immediately brought up what happened.

Gosh, dang it.

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