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Making A Movie... | My NEW Speech!

Hi, reader!

Wow, I'm posting another speech. And may be doing another one pretty soon. This one is about making my film for this year's Manaiakalani Film Festival, which took eight weeks to "plan", film, and edit.

Slide One:
Talofa Lava, my name is Willy and I am a Year Eight Student. I attend Tamaki Primary School which is a full primary school located in Alamein Road. A great way to meet you all with an exciting speech to tell you.

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Last term, which was between July and September, I created a film for the Manaiakalani Film Festival, parodying the well-known song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson...featuring Bruno Mars. My song had to be about my syndicate, which is called Kia Manawanui, meaning Be Big Hearted. So, I had to learn what it meant big hearted! I learnt that it was hard working, a generous and striving personality. So, I incorporated those meanings for being big hearted into my song.

Slide Three:
After finishing the song, and with the help of my school’s musical specialist named Caleb, to change the lyrics of the song to make it better, record the song with some of my classmates, I had my song finished and done! Now all I needed to do was to film the music video for my song. I used Google Drawings and Documents to storyboard and plan the video, but, since it wasn’t so detailed…

I, along with the backup dancers/friends I had to film the video, improvise and do anything we could to...make the video! We had fun planning ideas and choreographing the different scenes included in the music video. But even with fun and laughter going around, we did get frustrated at some times of the filming, as there was a habit of having to re-film parts in which I thought was wrong. So, concentration became important, as we all focused on trying our best.

Onto the editing, I edited all the footage together, and added some pretty random effects in the film. The main one was a heart I found on the internet. After editing it and syncing the music in with the footage, I was finished! I had finished my film probably two weeks before the end of the term. And it felt great!

Slide Four:
My film was shown to my class, Room 10, and soon it was going to be shown in the Manaiakalani FIlm Festival 2015. This is an annual event where schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster present their films that they have worked on for the term, or terms. The film festival takes place at Hoyts, Sylvia Park. My film was shown to a few schools, including my school, Tamaki Primary, and it was cool to see my film on the big screen, even if I was nervous about other schools seeing it.

But not only that, my film was posted onto my class blog, just like any other of the Manaiakalani films from the other schools, and it was so cool to see the comments underneath my film about people enjoying the song and the dance moves me and my group made up. As a well known blogger in my school, besides creating DLOs for my blog, I like sharing my creations with others, so it was a great pleasure to see students from other schools comment on my film.

Here are some images of the evening session, where parents and the community come to watch chosen films from each school. My film was one of them, and it was the first film of the evening!  Here’s my film that will play over here.

Thank you for reading. Reading, as in, reading this speech. Thank you for reading.

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