Sunday, 1 November 2015


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It's been a bit and a while since a bit of a post, and just before, it was Halloween! Yay! The one time of the year where everyone dresses up and goes around houses and says, "Trick or Treat!" at the person at the door, hoping to get a treat!

I'm talking about the kids and early teens' perspective, of course. And some adults, too, I hope. But if you're quite some of the people in Halloween who would rather stay at home during the few hours, well...that's good and bad. Good, because, you know, you have the treats to yourself, and if no one comes, then, well, score!

But the bad side of this, is, know, opening the door up to people you either know or don't know. And this has a deeper meaning. If you were me, you would rather have people you DON'T KNOW knock on your door. Because, there's less chance of them going, ahem, "WILLYYYY!!!!! WILLLYYYYYY!!!! LOOOOOOOOOK!!! WILLYYYYYYYY!!!!!! KNOCK ON THE DOOORRR!!!!".

Trust me, it may not be accurate but they were close to what I heard. And also, for people who do know you, they will obviously know where you live, and since they know you, they would want to see you, so why not just bang on the door to get the attention they need, huh? We thought they would go because we didn't have any treats on us, but after them banging, we decided to try and find treats quickly and give it to them.

I didn't know we would find the treats quickly. And you WILL know it's you, because if someone else, for example, your dad, they will reply, "Thank you, (insert name)'s dad!".

And continuing on with the 'people knowing you' thing, if you put a sign up, they will read it. But will they go away? No! Of course not! And that's brilllllllllliant....

So, yes. There you have it, folks. The bad side. So, to fill in time to make this post at least a bit exciting, I made a short song. It's not a song per se, it's like a parody. Sort of. Ugh, I don't know, but it doesn't matter. It's parodying the original beat from the song (which I tried re-creating) belongs to the owners and to the owners only. And it was originally named, "Burglar".

ANYWAY, the video! This probably describes each and every Halloween from 2010-now.


Come to take the streets
Banging on houses
And yelling for treats
So when I see a group of people
Come to my house, I have to think
We don’t have any treats!
So I say:

I am sorry! (Not!)
I don’t like you when you’re banging for me!
Why can’t you read!
We don’t have lollies, go away, pretty please!

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