Sunday, 29 November 2015

For the Moment...

Hi, reader!

Remember that In the Meantime post earlier? Well, since it seemed cool to do it again, here's another edition talking about ANGLES! The pictures were taken, once again, at Hoyts Cinemas AFTER the evening session of films shown to the community, and there was an opportunity to take a picture in front of our stand.

But which angle is better?


Marwa said...

Hi Willy

To me I think they are both good but any ways I think I like the 1st one, the 2nd one looks all right!

Keep It Up!!!


Ms Aireen said...

Very photogenic Willy. I like the second angle as you are all looking at the camera. The first angle is a mystery as it seems like you and your friends are looking at something very interesting.

I enjoyed this night and I'm glad I got to attend the show with you where your work and dedication to the completion of your movie was well recognised by most of our families, teachers and supporters in our Manaiakalani cluster. You are a true STAR Willy!

Malo lava

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