Blog Commenting: Manaiakalani Film Festival Edition

Hi, reader!

Still continuing on with the Manaiakalani Film Festival posts which I forgot to post about IMMEDIATELY last week. The Film Festival took place last week on Wednesday, and I had a great time with Stanley, Toma, Tevita, and Kikorangi, though he was only with us for the daytime session.

We were the presenters of the films for and from Tamaki Primary! The presentation below is a special edition, the Manaiakalani Film Festival Edition. This is where I comment on FILMS instead of POSTS. It took a lot of watching and reading, so I hope you enjoy!!

I'm treating this as if I've done this before. I've never done a Manaiakalani Film Festival comments presentation visually similar to the presentation below.


  1. Hi Willy
    Great slideshow - I found it entertaining and informative - great having the links in there and as usual your sense of humour!!!


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