Monday, 30 November 2015

Longways Isn't Always Best...

Hi, reader,

This is my opinion. Just a little post about the importance of recording on an iPad...properly...well, it depends on what proper way you want to film something, it depends on how you face the iPad that can get cheers or a bit of a jeer.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

For the Moment...

Hi, reader!

Remember that In the Meantime post earlier? Well, since it seemed cool to do it again, here's another edition talking about ANGLES! The pictures were taken, once again, at Hoyts Cinemas AFTER the evening session of films shown to the community, and there was an opportunity to take a picture in front of our stand.

But which angle is better?

Making A Movie... | My NEW Speech!

Hi, reader!

Wow, I'm posting another speech. And may be doing another one pretty soon. This one is about making my film for this year's Manaiakalani Film Festival, which took eight weeks to "plan", film, and edit.

Slide One:
Talofa Lava, my name is Willy and I am a Year Eight Student. I attend Tamaki Primary School which is a full primary school located in Alamein Road. A great way to meet you all with an exciting speech to tell you.

Slide Two:
Last term, which was between July and September, I created a film for the Manaiakalani Film Festival, parodying the well-known song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson...featuring Bruno Mars. My song had to be about my syndicate, which is called Kia Manawanui, meaning Be Big Hearted. So, I had to learn what it meant big hearted! I learnt that it was hard working, a generous and striving personality. So, I incorporated those meanings for being big hearted into my song.

Slide Three:
After finishing the song, and with the help of my school’s musical specialist named Caleb, to change the lyrics of the song to make it better, record the song with some of my classmates, I had my song finished and done! Now all I needed to do was to film the music video for my song. I used Google Drawings and Documents to storyboard and plan the video, but, since it wasn’t so detailed…

I, along with the backup dancers/friends I had to film the video, improvise and do anything we could to...make the video! We had fun planning ideas and choreographing the different scenes included in the music video. But even with fun and laughter going around, we did get frustrated at some times of the filming, as there was a habit of having to re-film parts in which I thought was wrong. So, concentration became important, as we all focused on trying our best.

Onto the editing, I edited all the footage together, and added some pretty random effects in the film. The main one was a heart I found on the internet. After editing it and syncing the music in with the footage, I was finished! I had finished my film probably two weeks before the end of the term. And it felt great!

Slide Four:
My film was shown to my class, Room 10, and soon it was going to be shown in the Manaiakalani FIlm Festival 2015. This is an annual event where schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster present their films that they have worked on for the term, or terms. The film festival takes place at Hoyts, Sylvia Park. My film was shown to a few schools, including my school, Tamaki Primary, and it was cool to see my film on the big screen, even if I was nervous about other schools seeing it.

But not only that, my film was posted onto my class blog, just like any other of the Manaiakalani films from the other schools, and it was so cool to see the comments underneath my film about people enjoying the song and the dance moves me and my group made up. As a well known blogger in my school, besides creating DLOs for my blog, I like sharing my creations with others, so it was a great pleasure to see students from other schools comment on my film.

Here are some images of the evening session, where parents and the community come to watch chosen films from each school. My film was one of them, and it was the first film of the evening!  Here’s my film that will play over here.

Thank you for reading. Reading, as in, reading this speech. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tuesday 24th - In Point England...Part Two...

People eating crabs, a leaf tornado....

Let's just start off with saying that McKoy (and some other people, but McKoy was the main person) saved one of the gazebos during the boot camp session, and we clapped for him. I forgot to mention that, probably because I never imagined McKoy saving something. If you're a close friend of mine or is in Tamaki Primary and know what McKoy is like, you know what I mean. In a jokingly way.

So after seeing the remains of Cavhyon's house, I decided to walk around a bit to see what else was going on. Yep, some people had walked to the water. A bit far away, but that was alright. Cavhyon then lead me to this warm pond. Chardonnay slipped in one of them. Pretty out of the ordinary. but at least she laughed it off. Right, Chardonnay?

Riiiiiiight, Chardonaayy?? Nevermind. Now, I can't remember what happened next, but I remember people starting to get sea creatures, right before Lunchtime. I couldn't believe that it was LUNCHTIME! Already! For Lunchtime we all had fish and chips to eat, along with the choice of tomato or barbecue sauce. Although there was one person whose I won't mention (it was Mana, by the way), who asked:

"What is this?"

It was the fish. I couldn't believe the question. But that wasn't the main thought, the main thought was that everybody was having a great time! We all talked and chatted about pretty random stuff and listened to music that I don't normally listen to - almost everyone knew what the songs were! I felt so lost. Lost in the heat of it all. Like, really, heat. It was really hot, so the one chance I walk onto the playground without shoes and socks on? Unlucky. And SO HOT!

While having lunch, we all saw something that was in a way spectacular. A tornado-like swirling thing that was spinning with leaves was starting, and everyone ran towards it. I ran towards it, also, and took some shots of it. Pictures. I decided to take pictures. Not video. Pictures. Gosh, dang it, me. *facepalms*

Back to the beach, I start to walk to the tide that was still out. Gosh, it was so hurtful. Some shells are sharp, did you know that? And mud is REALLY slippery, did you know that? And people can eat crabs raw, did you know that? And also, cramps hurt a lot! SO MANY THINGS that I didn't know about!

I took pictures this time. I tried to get a group shot of some of the students near the water, but instead got engulfed by selfies and whatnot. I don't do selfies, by the way. I mean, have you SEEN that Manaiakalani Film Festival picture with Stanley? Anyway, the memory ran out on the iPad I was taking pictures on. Giving it to Ms Aireen, I walk back to the tide, and see that the tide is starting to come in. But it's not that quick. I bet by the time the tide's back in, we're gone.

Now, I don't know why or how this happened, but some of the boys gathered some clay, like, BIG clay, took it to the ponds, and...well...they...threw them in, where has our minds gone to these days, am I right! They were literally throwing them in the water, watching the big splash........and then getting some more!!

And it was just in time for the sand sculpture building competition. Guess what some people brought?

Clay. Although some clay looked like rocks. Here, read the line below and imagine if it was a rock...

"Wait, guys...I think this is a's hard..."

I laughed out loud, knowing that if it was a rock, well...haha, I'm still finding this funny right now as I type this. It was just funnier back then at the heat of the moment. Speaking of heat, it was still hot, and I was still wearing no shoes due to walking to the water to fetch some water for my group's sculpture. By the way, I didn't really feel like participating, only because of the fact that I was getting tired. Really tired. And hot, as well!

But I couldn't find my shoes. They were somewhere sometime somewhere some time ago. After a quick search, I realised that I left them on the grassy field above the beach. After I found them, I completely ditched my group, because what would I do? I couldn't help, because what would I help WITH? Nothing, that was the answer. So I followed Stanley and after a bit of a good talk, I went to the playground one last time.

William, if I didn't mention, was stuck in the playground. He wasn't really stuck, but he just stayed in the place he was for a bit of time. Throughout the time he...well, he stayed where he was for a long time, that's all I can say. I push Amelia on a was cool, because I purposely kept pushing her. It was all good fun, she went off, and I went on. It was that little kiddie swing, while TJ (who was waiting with me to get on a swing) was on the big swing.

Oh! I forgot to mention, it was his birthday, so he deserved that swing. For a while we talked about random stuff and stayed on the swings until someone came along. It was Patosina, who was apparently waiting for a long time. I didn't notice. And Mele, too, she was waiting. So we gave the swings to them, was time to go, back to school. "AWW!! I JUST GOT ON!!" Mele protested in a happy way.

At Tamaki Primary, we take adversity as a joke.

After a bit of a talk, everyone started to walk back to school. I walked as well, because Brandon and Lolo took the seats. Dang it. But I didn't lose hope. Powerwalking to the front of everyone with TJ (well he was going his own pace, which was fast), and it was cool, just going past and then reaching the front.

Until I realised me and a few other people were walking so fast that we needed to stop so everyone else could catch up. Theeeenn I was put at the back of some people again. It just felt good to be at the front. Then I was. Then people pushed to the front. Then some more people came. Then some mor-and we arrived at school!!

That was the whole day, said in these two parts. Gosh, I hope I catch up with these posts...


Hi, reader!

Before the actual writing test, Room 10 practised writing a recount. This post is dedicated to my practise recount, about the whole course of making my film for this year's Manaiakalani Film Festival. But it's, as always, sadly, REALLY long. Do you dare to read the whole recount, reader?

Wednesday's Riddle...

It's Wednesday! The middle of the week! Are YOU ready for the third riddle for this week, reader?

Let's do this!

If you look you cannot see me. And if you see me you cannot see anything else. I can make anything you want happen, but later everything goes back to normal. What am I? 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday 24th - In Point England...Part One...

Hi, reader!

Today was Tuesday, and so the Year Seven and Eights went to the Point England Reserve as part of out EOTC Week. EOTC stands for Education Outside The Classroom. So not only did we go there for enjoyment and fun, but for learning purposes. In the morning. I was in Ms Aireen's group, and lucky me, I went in her car! Well, her mum's car. It was blimmin' big. Like...big. So big it carried literally most to all of the things needed for the day. Amazing! And passing everyone walking in the car, I pulled the window, and I went something like:


Don't worry, I didn't feel bad about it. It's probably the second time I've done that. Yell out of a car. But that's just in school time...>:-) I helped put the gazebos and tarps into their...places, and we saw everyone else come to the reserve. When they came some of them were all, "Not coooooool..." and giving blank faces to us. Because I wasn't the ONLY one that was bragging about getting a car ride to the reserve.

We all settled down in the gazebos after a bit and a while before having a LONG Morning Tea. It was longer than a normal Morning Tea! But only by more than ten minutes. That's still longer than usual. The majority of the Year 7 and 8s went to the playground, whereas some went to kick some rugby balls (and end up playing a bit of American Football), and others stayed sitting. The toilets were apparently a no-go.

And there was some poop near this table thing. Andre and I advised people nearby not to go near. To skip a few minutes of talking and laughing, Morning Tea ended. There was now Boot Camp. With Mrs Komor. I remember the last time I was in a Boot Camp experience. "Oh, MY GOOOOOSSSHHH!!!" "I FEEL SO TIRED..." "AAHHH!!! "I'm just going to lie down here..."

But it was great this time. When cheating, do it well. If you can get a laugh out of it, then you didn't cheat at all. We went forwards then backwards, one side to the other. It was more like one way, then another. It was tiring, though. I was partnered with Teina and Desire because she wasn't with anyone. Partner A (well, since we were probably in threes it was Partner A and Partner A2) had to do ten squats and ten sit ups.
And Partner B would run to a cone far away and come back. When Partner B came back they would swap.

But we were in threes so it was going to be a bit complicated.

I said something pretty funny, too. "We sit up, right?"
Get it? Because I said, "up, right?" and that sounds a lot like "upright". Man, I'm still going with the wordplay. Even if they sound exactly the same. Aahh. Moving on, after the boot camp session, we moved onto team building exercises.

Now, did you know that sunscreen can make your hands slippery? I only realised when it was toooo late. I was with Stanley, Lolo, Teina, Raena, and Lyric when we had to hold each others hands, and then with a hulahoop, we had to pass it around clockwise then anti-clockwise without breaking the circle (we were in a circle, by the way), then run with the hoop while still holding hands to a cone a bit far away, come back, sit down, and place our hands on our heads.

We were doing so well with the hoop, it was only the running that was a bit of a...a bit of a...pickle? I forgot how to say it, but read the nest following lines to see if it was easy or not...




You see, as said before, it is hard trying to hold someone's hand while ALSO wearing sunscreen.

After the team building exercises, which made me a BIT tired, we had some free time. I went to the beach with a lot of the Year Seven and Eights. The tide was out, but that wasn't going to stop anyone from going to the water. Cavhyon was going to show me his...uhh..."house"...but it was sadly demolished.

I'll talk more later on. Tomorrow.

Tuesday's Riddle...

Welcome back onto Tuesday's riddle!  Like Monday's riddle, this will go the same pattern. You read the riddle, think if you want, then click "Read More" for the answer! Ready for riddle two? Let's go!

If a red-house is made of red bricks, has a red wooden door, and a red roof, and a yellow-house is made of yellow bricks, has a yellow wooden door, and a yellow roof, then what is a greenhouse made of?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday 23rd - Athletics Day (Second Part)

During the intermission, I walked to the hall to buy myself a sausage-on-a-bread. Marcus, friend of mine, runs past me and says, "Hurry!" jokingly. I looked behind me and saw it...

Okay, another flashback. In 2013, when I was a Year 6, there was this thing called "The Rush". It was this occurrence where the Year 7s and Year 8s walked/ran down the hall, and us students in Room 5. Here's a little diagram:

H      A      L      L      W      A      Y
We would ALWAYS get the worst of it all. In a funny way. I mean, it was like a tsunami of people coming towards us almost everyday. But then everything changed the year later. And if we can now fast forward to now:

"Oh, no..." I say jokingly also, "It's gotten worser than ever..." and so we both ran to the hall. The line wasn't so long. BUT, thanks to Marcus' directions, I didn't know the line was right behind me. When I turned was just tooooo late....

So I went back outside. Remembering what else to do during this moment of time, I went to get the iPad, since the camera was about to die. Or, in another way, it was running extremely low on battery. I got it, and walked back outside to Stanley, and he gave me two dollars! It was to buy myself a sausage in bread, I never knew the name of it, and it can't possibly be "sausage sizzle", I mean, think about it:

Person One: Here, two dollars for you, okay?
Person Two: Oh, okay, thanks, a sausage sizzle for you?
Person One: Yeah, and get yourself a sausage sizzle for you, too, okay?

Maybe that makes sense a bit? Oh, well. As I was saying, a sausage in buttered bread for me, and an ice block for him. I got it, as the line became shorter. Actually, I was the only one! At the moment. I went out with one ice block and one sausage on a buttered bread. Now I just needed to find Stanley to give the ice block to.

While walking, I see Caprice, this pretty much ex-student of TPS...and she asked me if she could have some of the sausage on the bread. Now, I may have mentioned on this blog about once about what happened with her, but you'll just need to find that for yourself, they weren't not good memories. There was no way I would-

"Here. Have it." I said, giving the whole thing to her.

Dang it. And she was in Benghazi as well. This is the third time this has happened to me, though, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Until Stanley found out...

"What?! Why'd you give it to her?" he questioned the no-brainer gesture,
"Uhh..." I mutter, thinking of a fake reason, "I already had one....sorry..." I say, breaking the fake news to him.
"Oh..." Stanley replies, "Okay...wanna have some of this?" he asked another question, holding the ice block.

Before you know it, I'm licking an ice block that I can't taste. "I can't taste it!! Nooo!!" I yell out as I sit under shade. Stanley takes pictures of me eating the ice block. Although he tried to cover it up by saying he was "playing games". But he really wasn't. Wish he was, so he can get in trou...moving on!! I ate the whole ice block, yeah. Sulaiman mistakes the ice block for an ice cream, and I then get back up to film and take pictures.

Desire helps a bit, taking pictures of different coloured people. Different coloured as in clothes, reader. I feel tired but that was normal, And hot, as well. Little did I know, I was getting a tan! On my back! That was weird when I saw it later on. People were dancing near the sound system, so it was good taking pictures of that. And Stanley was "lip-syncing" words from the song as I glide by with the iPad camera.

And then, the intermission ended. Everyone went back to sit down as there was going to be a big chant off. I was already standing at the start of the finish line, and soooo, I had to drag myself over to film each house team's chants. Alamein went first, Benghazi went second, Tripoli was third, and Tobruk came last to do the chants. Alamein would've like this if the scores were in this order! Get it, because how they...and they...because they...oh, nevermind.

Onto the finals now, and I saw the scoreboard. Goodness, we're ten points behind. We could make this happen GENUINELY this year. No cheating, it was all going to be fair and square. I was in two finals, believe it or not. I certainly didn't believe it. And I was almost out of-no, I WAS out of breath by the time I sat back down.

Relays now, since I need to get to the end. Tobruk was doing well. Oh, my gosh, we're doing well. They're running really fast. That was really descriptive, wasn't it. They were running really fast. But they were, I couldn't speak as we kept winning a bit. In the end, and I don't know why or how, we all cheered!

The final score was going up, and it came to the results. Me and TJ held hands, I mean, we were there last time, but were told we cheated, so we clenched out hands together in the hopes that we would win without help. Yes, I said it. HELP. It was help to help us win, duh. We weren't fourth...that was good...we weren't third...that was and TJ just stare at Ms Kyla and Mrs Kelly as they read it out. Siale's praying. He's one of the leaders. Everyone's gazing at who is second...and who is first...

They move onto second place...oh, gosh...I can't believe it...they say the name out (because I forgot who came second, sorry)...and as I think about it....if they haven't said our house name yet, that means...

"We won..." Siale whispers in realization.
"Oh, my go..." I say to TJ, looking at him, covering my mouth.
Ms Kyla then announces that Tobruk is the winner of this year's Athletic's Day.

Everyone in Tobruk goes into sudden euphoria. Me and TJ hug each other in genuine fashion this year. Mrs Barlow is soaked with water poured onto her. Yay! The celebration lasted 10 seconds before we were told to stop. And JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, the other houses didn't seem to favour in on our GENUINE win.

Tobruk won! We won! We won again this year! Two years in a row! Oh, my gosh! I couldn't believe it! I need to stop using exclamation marks! Tobruk for the second time has won. And in good timing, too. It is my last year, after all. I felt like Richie McCaw in his final game before he retired.

I would say I bragged about it afterwards. But, noo. I just teased it while walking to class. 
"Yaayy..." I said to some Tripoli people.
"You cheated." Teina said instantly.

Oh, boy.

Monday 23rd - Athletics Day (Première partie) <-- Get it?

Hi, reader!

Monday went by today and on this day Tamaki Primary had its annual Athletics Day! It wasn't supposed to be on a Monday, but due to the weather conditions on Friday (rain), it was postponed to this day. I heard that if it rained again today it would be cancelled for the year! So, LUCKY for us as a school it was a hot, sunny day.

I was in Tobruk, in case you didn't know. So I wore red. And black, because I thought it was Blackout Day (to honour Jonah Lomu) but apparently, it was moved to Friday! Great time for a notice, right? When you're already in black. But luckily I wore red, too, so I quickly changed into an inside-out red t-shirt and an inside-out black t-shirt.

With the camera in hand, and a trusty iPad charging in the classroom, I was SURE that I was prepared to take videos and pictures. I really wasn't, as always, so I found myself walking here and there, at the front of everyone then at the side. Stanley was going to help me. He was leading his house, Tripoli. Oh, did I mention the houses? No I didn't, here's the houses below:


No, you've probably already seen them. Previous post, mentioned behind Tobruk. Yeah, you've probab-moving on, the houses were walking around before settling down at their house gazebo. If you didn't know, each house would sit under a gazebo, and you would know it was theirs because each house has a flag! And with the flag are decorations that are the colour of the house team.

Obviously, Tobruk was red, so we went into the red gazebo. I was filming only us walking, because I was one of the chanters. Like, I was leading one chant, so I had to stay with them to yell it out.

Skip a few minutes, and the races were on the way! I was filming the houses, by walking at the back of them, mouthing "I COME IN PEACE" as I walk by the other houses. In case you didn't know, last year, Tobruk won. But, ever since then, the other houses accused us for cheating. Because of the points at last minute. But this year, Mr Minton wasn't the main person at the whiteboard (to keep track of the points), it was Kelly. And she wasn't in Tobruk, so it was fair.

Fair! I tried filming the races at different angles at one time. One angle was on the side. Another angle was at the finishing line, on the finish line, looking back at the racers. Another one was on the side, an-wow! I saw Simon! In case you didn't know, reader, he used to come to Tamaki Primary before going onto college.

We talked a bit and laughed a bit, and I requested an interview with him. He wanted to, he just needed to think. I lied to him that it was for T.P.S News, because, and don't think the wrong way, reader, I don't know if there's any time for me to edit this week. No time. But, he's not going to read this, is he? Of course not. He's a busy person, if you ask me (!).

The heats were going by and so I was going up, because I'm a Year Eight Boy. Obviously. And I ran, but not my hardest. I came 4th. That's an achievement for me. I have a minor heart syndrome, in case you didn't know (wow, there's a lot of "in case you didn't know" stuff in this) that's going alright, but if I do exercise that's a bit more than normal, like running, I get REALLY tired because bloo-nevermind, I'll tell you that in another post later on.

So, races went by, and I went around with the camera. Bored, I gave it to Stanley. He would know what to do with it, besides he was helping me, so might as well give it to him, am I right? He went around and interviewed what I think was a few people. He couldn't race because of his ankle, so it was good that he could do something instead of...instead of...of...oh, gosh, I don't know what I was going to say on that part, let's just move on.

Besides, I'm just going before I forget to blog about this. It was today. It happened today. It was sunny today. So standing in the hot sun is pretty hot and tiring, and racing again was a surprise to me. I was feeling a bit woozy. I didn't know why. Dang it, sun, evening though you brightened up the day, you're SO HOT! And you know what I mean by HOT, reader!

Now I move onto the point of time before the intermission. Me and Stanley had interviewed a woman whose nephews and nieces were in Tobruk! When we interviewed her, I had to explain a bit of why I had to interview her from behind the camera. Now, it doesn't offend anyone (lie) when I say I'm tall. Not "tall". Tall. So to look down at someone while they talk is pretty awkward. Especially on camera. After the interesting interview, parents and family members took to the track to race each other.

Great fun going all around, right before Mr Minton asked me to tell the office that lunchtime was going to start at 1:45pm. I think that's what he said. He also said some other stuff I've forgotten, but I went to the office. Mrs/Ms (don't know) Gibson said that the sausage sizzle wasn't ready yet, but I'd have to ask Sharon if they were ready. So, I walked to her, and she said that Mr Fepuleai, who was outside the hall cooking the sausages, would be the one to ask.

Before I could finish the whole story, he gave me a tray of already cooked sausages. I don't know what I said to Mr Minton, but he said thank you. I was SO CONFUSED, READER! But I do get confused most of the time. Dance competition was on. And there was that song again. You know that song, reader. It's basically the go-to song for me. I was dancing just normally while Mrs Barlow was dancing in the front with me. We (Tobruk) got extra points for that! Yes!

The intermission went on after that.

I'll explain it after.

Monday's Riddle...

Welcome to the daily riddle special. Since I haven't caught up with the Riddle Me Wednesday/Thursday/Whatever-day posts, and this week is full of opportunities, why not make just a week full of daily riddles?

The way it works is, the riddle will be placed at the bottom, and you can take some time to think about the riddle. When you're ready, click the "Read More" link, and you'll get this post again....with the answer!


What has to be broken before you can use it?

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015 - Evening Session (Part One Since This Is Long)

The Evening Session...

Part One...

Sunday, 22 November 2015

We Can DO IT! Tobruk House Drawing...

Athletics Day begins The Week of Blogging. I'm in the Tobruk House. Although I went in this house group by accident, it was probably a good accident.

Last year for Athletics Day, Tobruk won.

Will it happen again this year?


2014 Tobrok House Banner....oh, man....

Hi, reader. In case you didn't know...I'm the house team, Tobrok! No, wait, Tobruk...Tobrok? *This was sabotage...

But really, it's not much of a difference, right?


Athletics Day 2015 starts off this special week of blogging.
*Jokingly saying

................................................A SPECIAL WEEK...........................................








Saturday, 21 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Getting Ready For The Evening Session...not really a significant part...

Hi, there, to you, again, reader!!

The annual Manaiakalani Film Festival happened last week on Wednesday, and so, a week later, I posted the post of the daytime session. Now, here is the evening session. It all started a bit before 5pm, when I was bringing in the rubbish bin. I was in my uniform, almost ready, and don't worry, I washed my hands after. I wasn't dirty. Pfft.

But as I was walking back to my house, I hear Stanley's voice yell at me. "Willy!"
I spin around, "What the..." I whispered, curious, and all I see is Stanley outside the window of the car he was in, yelling (at the time I didn't know what he yelled, but I found out later on) "I'm going to get a haircut!". But, as mentioned just a few seconds ago (^^^) I didn't know what he yelled out at me, so I just kept shouting, "Whaaat?!?!" "WHAT?!"

"WHAAT?!?!" then I paused....and then whispered, "Argh, nevermind..." to myself.

I walk to school at about 5pm, and you know where the entrance is, right, reader, well, instead of going through there, I walk to the far right side of the school, and I was at the back. I gaze into the distant area away from me, and I see a group of people gathering around each other. "Ooh..." I said in a concerned voice. So, I walked to the nearest tap, so no one would notice me.

And so I wouldn't be involved. I walk around for a bit (because nothing was going to happen before 5:30pm) and just checked the time and stuff like that.

I walk to the office, and I see that the door is locked. Surprising. I stand out there for a moment to talk to myself about being good at presenting for the evening. I got distracted from the "reflection in a reflection" thing. So, you know when you look through a door with a glass window, sometimes there will be another door with a glass-like window, and so when you move, you see you in the first window, then the second you in the second window, and...

Urgh, I confused myself while typing that down. ANYWAY, after waiting and talking to myself for quite some time, Mrs Kelly sees me from inside and lets me in. Dang, I realised how different the temperature was inside compared to outside. I waited in the office area, where I sat next to this green bag. It was quite dirty, but I couldn't judge what its been through.

Ms Aireen passes by and since there was no one else near me, besides the bag, I began to explore the different subjects about self-image, useful judgements, and other deep and thoughtful subjects that came about...and I said all this to a which mostly everyone didn't notice, and just "took it for granted".

I mean, yes, I know, it's a bag, it was made, not born, but it was...urgh, nevermind, if I keep going about this I'm going to talk about talking to a bag I didn't know. But just let me acknowledge the fact that I did take the time to release my thoughts down before the evening session, to just become more relaxed and...stuff...yeah...

Before long, Mehi, Maopa, and Lauren came by. They had just said that Christopher and Brandon wanted to come. I didn't believe that. Then I did after thinking through the situation. Brandon was in my film. Christopher just wanted to. I don't think he wanted to come just because he was in the film also. I think that made sense. I say Stanley went somewhere, without knowing what actually happened to him before...

He came!! He had a really cool haircut, and it was done really well, if you felt the back of his head at this point of time, it would've felt like scalp! Like the head scalp, like what you feel if his head was bald! It was decided that Stanley and I would go into Whaea Petra's car, the girls would go into Ms Aireen's car, and Tevita and Toma would go in Miss Kyla's car. I think that's how it went. Yeah, that's probably how it went.

During the ride to Sylvia Park, Whaea Petra had her radio on, and so there were great tunes being played. Now, remember what Stanley said to me? Yeah, this was going to be great. Now, knowing his "significant" "hater" *WINK* *WINK* *BLINK* *BLINK*, when Adele's "Hello" came up, I knew it was a great time.

So hello from the other siiiiiide!
I must've called a thousand tiiiiimes! (ON F.B)
To TELL you I'M sor-rehh, for breaking your heaart!!

For each line, I looked back at Stanley (forgot to mention I was in the front passenger seat, and Stanley was in the back seat), and he knew what I was thinking. Ha! So much for "E.T", huh?

To move along to the next post, we arrived at Sylvia Park.

Friday, 20 November 2015

FATE - By Willy

Hi, reader. The drawing above is a description/poem about what an experience in space would feel like to me. It's part of this space art Room 10 are doing that is related to our inquiry topic: Earth and Beyond: The Night Sky. I was learning how to imagine what it would look like to be floating in space.

My Space Art picture will be posted sometime later on. I'm almost finished, though, and I just started today!

But it's just the moon and some stars, and it's mostly black.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Earth and Beyond - Bus Stop Activity

Hi. This presentation is about my prior knowledge about the things mentioned in the presentation. Again, this is related to this term's topic for Room 10: Earth and Beyond: The Night Sky. I did this by myself and had to hurry so it wasn't left behind. I had to really think about what I knew about the planets, sun, Earth, space, and words related to space.

It was hard thinking! By the way, this was posted after midnight so it's okay if there's mistake, I'll fix it later on.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

KWL Chart About Our Sun!

Hi, reader!

Blogging on track again...well, for now, I think I may have just jinxed the blogging routine of

The picture below that is a picture of a drawing is a KWL (Knowledge, What We Want To Know, and What We Learnt) Chart about the Sun, our local sun. I worked on this by myself, whereas most of Room 10 had to work with each other. I just had to get this finished so I won't be behind on work.

But at least I'm balancing time with work and time with editing and time with movie-making. Trust me, it's not getting to my mind, the editing. But the work is. I need to get to it!!

Anyways, here's the picture of the drawing. It's a picture so that you can click on it to enlarge the text if you want to (which you can't normally do on a drawing). It's already big, but that's alright. I was learning to learn about our local star and share my already knowledge about the local star.

For the L part, the last bullet says. Sunlight creates shadows through solid objects.

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015 - Daytime Sessions...

Why It Is Important To Celebrate the Last Term... | My Speech

Hi, reader.

One post a day keeps the scheduling away, isn't that right, reader?

A few weeks ago, well, a couple of weeks ago, Room 10 started on their speech presentations. We actually started writing them last term, and were expected to practise during the holidays. I was busy with the film and stuff, and so I struggled a bit, finding a good subject and then trying to type it down into key ideas.

But I got there in the end. I really did. Just a week before presenting, I made a speech in which I never expected to write about. And included one of the most weirdest and accidental things ever: the chicken and the egg. No, it's the race metaphor, it's different.

Below is the video of my speech. Now, the time limit of our speech was about 3-5 minutes. My speech was about 6 minutes. BUT, I bet it wasn't the longest one. If it is, well, then, wow. But if it isn't, phew. I'm quite known for pretty long posts already, can't afford to be known for talking a lot. Well, except for giving speeches at those Manaiakalani Ambassadors talk-things, and have been an MC for loads of things, but...nevermind...

Here's the presentation I used, along with my actual speech. Keep in mind that I added stuff in for the actual video of my speech, so don't be confused of "new words" popping up in the video that may be different to the written speech.

Hello. Greetings to all. Yep. That’s my greeting. And this is my speech.

But first off, a joke……..why did the chicken cross the road?

Because of you….now, back to the speech….

I will talk about how it is important to really embrace our last term here at Tamaki Primary. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. It’s our last term, ooh, ahh, what can we possibly do about it? We’ll just wobble around and waste our last term doing stuff and saying “YOLO”. Don’t do that, I’m not encouraging anyone to do that. I will talk about a variety of things that may or may not help some student people in this room like attitude, learning, creating, and sharing, and time. This will be short and sweet. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

As a Year Eight, we all experienced some major changes in our final terms at T.P.S. We’ve gone past Term One, Term Two, Term Three, now we’re here. Although what hasn’t changed throughout our last year here is probably our attitude.

Our, attitude.

Now, if you want to change parts of your attitude, well, just remember, a positive attitude is not all about displaying a phony smile, a happy face and a perky disposition. That’s from a website. It’s all about changing our perspective in our daily lives, and don’t forget our school lives, and getting to the world like “I’m the boss! Not really, but I won’t lose hope!”

FACT: You are always responsible for how you ACT, no matter how you feel.

FACT: The teacher’s attitude towards you is based on the attitude you give them.

And if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. Because complaining a LOT will end up with an attitude. It’s like a circle.

And making sure that with this kind of attitude, we can have a good, safe, and cheerful last term.

Along with attitude, learning is important. Learning, as in, the different areas of learning. Learning, creating, and sharing. With the learning, it’s important to realize that most of your life starts from here. In school. Learning the important things, and with that, we can create to show our creative thinking.

And when creating, it’s more better to actually make it your own. By then, blogging it, or sharing it with others, it would look great! By great I mean something that you can say that you did that and you took the time to do that.

And also don’t forget about time, as well. Like, right now. We don’t have much time left, even with two months, and with the speech, a few minutes, or maybe I’ve gone over the limit, but we don’t have time, so why would you waste that time? Time is what we want most, but what we use worst, a quote said by William Penn, an English real estate entrepreneur, and quite true, really. Because time is going fast, and we will leave this school in two ways: in a good way, or a bad way, and I will not be the one person to tell you that you have to pick the way you want to leave this school, to leave a mark on this school before leaving for college.

If you choose good, well, good on you. Growth mindset, I don’t know what else to call it.

If you choose bad, well, change that choice. If you can’t, change your attitude. Reference!

So, in conclusion, I believe that it is important to embrace our last term. So if you’re wanting to change your attitude or perspective on your school lives, then take these words of wisdom into your mind, Don’t waste time on somebody who doesn’t have time for you. All great achievements require time. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. A positive attitude will get you anywhere. And, with some helpful advice….don’t be an egg….don’t be the chick with the attitude...because...the “chicken mother” will not be able to raise you properly, and by that I mean the people who are trying to teach you something...and you might get lost without them when they leave you to be responsible by yourself.

Now, I ask you now, did the chicken cross the road?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Blog Commenting: Manaiakalani Film Festival Edition

Hi, reader!

Still continuing on with the Manaiakalani Film Festival posts which I forgot to post about IMMEDIATELY last week. The Film Festival took place last week on Wednesday, and I had a great time with Stanley, Toma, Tevita, and Kikorangi, though he was only with us for the daytime session.

We were the presenters of the films for and from Tamaki Primary! The presentation below is a special edition, the Manaiakalani Film Festival Edition. This is where I comment on FILMS instead of POSTS. It took a lot of watching and reading, so I hope you enjoy!!

I'm treating this as if I've done this before. I've never done a Manaiakalani Film Festival comments presentation visually similar to the presentation below.

Monday, 16 November 2015

In The Meantime...

Hi, reader!

It's been a while...a LONG while, but I'm just catching up on posts that I forgot to do, but for now, a quick catch up. Last week I presented some films with friends Stanley, Toma, and Tevita (with Kikorangi but he was just for one film) that were submitted from our school for the 2015 Manaiakalani Film Festival.

It was a blast presenting them, and I had a great time! We also presented movies in the evening session, and before the evening session began, me and Stanley decided to take selfies. It was probably two, and we had to hurry since our film was the first film to start the evening, so that brings me to what I did below.

Comment either "Willy" or "Stanley" in the comments below!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bloom's Taxonomy - Guy Fawkes

Hi, there. This is the Bloom's Taxonomy presentation that I did independently, by myself. It took a bit longer than expected because the D.L.O related to the article needed to be done. I don't think the D.L.O will show a bit of a good message to send to anyone, but it's the best I could do.

I had the idea in my head yesterday. Then it just...went away...oh, well. At least I finished this presentation. Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below for feedback and also, feedforward.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Mighty All Blacks Win The RWC!!!

Hello, reader!

First off, let's do another imagining thing-a-ma-bob thing. Pretend, that this post was posted a day after the first of November. Now, did you know what happened in the weekend? On Sunday morning, specifically, in our time zone, it was on Sunday morning. It'll kick in soon...but anyway, getting to the point, the All Blacks have secured their world champion title for the Rugby World Cup (or RWC) 2015. They won the last Rugby World Cup four years ago, which was held in New Zealand!

They are the first team ever to keep their champion title, and the first team ever in RWC history to win the Webb Ellis Cup three times! This is amazing! And record-breaking! I think it is! So it might as well be! And back to right now, today, Wednesday the 4th, the All Blacks are now in New Zealand being welcomed in parades with the Webb Ellis, visiting fans and tonnes of support and cheering.

Well done, All Blacks!

Sunday, 1 November 2015


It's November, reader...

The pressure is on...

The Project...Revealed… | The 2 Weekly Post (Part Two - Week Two)

Hi, there, again, reader.

Wow, the first time I used commas like that. I guess that’s incorrect? Or correct? I don’t know, I’m an “expert” blogger, not a grammar expert...but anyway…

Monday. I came early this time. FI. NAL. LY. And did an announcement. I forgot what I said, but it was a jingle. I wrote jungle instead of jingle just before. Ha. Take on, I was doing some things on the class computer. It was just some video-making. And editing. Editing a LOT.

I now remember Tuesday. Tuesday was the day of the first assembly of the term. The assemblies from now are quite different to the usual fashion. This time, buddy classes are presenting every second week. Room 10 and Room 1 (our buddy class, or tuakana teina class) were presenting on this week.

I was one of the hosts, along with Mehi and Ma’asi. We were sitting at the back of the stage, and would present on the stage. That was cool. I could finally have EVERYONE literally look up to me. Well, not that I’m saying that the majority already do that. Get it? Because I’m tall?

Moving on. There were awards being given out. A lot, and I mean, a LOT of people received Star Awards, and also, the Blog Awards. Speaking of blog awards, ahem...everyone knew who the only person who would get the last certificate..

Remember that post, reader? The one where I was speechless? Yeah, that was my 1000th post. Aahh, good times, reader...goood tiimes...even though that took over 20 minutes to get the post done! Back to the moment that mostly everyone knew it would happen, I walked back onto the stage, like, the stage stage, and received the certificate. Cheering comes from the crowd.

It felt so good. *So good!

Then after the awards I went back onto the stage stage to talk about that project I mentioned a few times in the past few months on this blog. You see, reader...I was asked by Ms Aireen to make a movie for the Manaiakalani Movie Festival. I agreed to it almost immediately. My objective was that I was going to make a music video replacing lyrics of “Uptown Funk” into lyrics that related to my syndicate:

Kia Manawanui - Be Big Hearted

It was hard. Hard work. Gosh, I could tell you what was hard. No, wait, I will. Writing the song down, which I called it a somewhat parody of some sort. But I didn’t know for sure, so I sticked to “another version” of Uptown Funk. And then, after the song-writing was finished, thanks to Mehi for making the best prompts ever, Caleb went through it and me and him went through some things to change in the verses and parts of the song…

I forgot what he said, but it was something like ‘a great is never written - it is re-written’.

And when that was finished, it was time to record! Pretty interesting story, really. And the follow up to that. Yes, if you were waiting for the moment to hear about the project, well, this is it, really.

Moving on, the filming. Here’s some “behind the scenes” footage from my now finished movie:

I can’t show the actual film now, of course, because that would ruin the whole, you know, wait-for-the-movie-it-could-be-ruined-if-shown-to-a-lot-of-people vibe with me. But, here’s the trailer!

So, reader, what d’you think? Can’t really talk about more of the week except that I started on a new project and that there was a second attempt of the Water Bottle Rocket Experiment! I’m making a video on that but I’ll continue it from tomorrow.

This term’s soooo filled with busy stuff.

*I'm not referencing the So Good! thing that Mehi does the majority of the time


Hi, reader!

It's been a bit and a while since a bit of a post, and just before, it was Halloween! Yay! The one time of the year where everyone dresses up and goes around houses and says, "Trick or Treat!" at the person at the door, hoping to get a treat!

I'm talking about the kids and early teens' perspective, of course. And some adults, too, I hope. But if you're quite some of the people in Halloween who would rather stay at home during the few hours, well...that's good and bad. Good, because, you know, you have the treats to yourself, and if no one comes, then, well, score!

But the bad side of this, is, know, opening the door up to people you either know or don't know. And this has a deeper meaning. If you were me, you would rather have people you DON'T KNOW knock on your door. Because, there's less chance of them going, ahem, "WILLYYYY!!!!! WILLLYYYYYY!!!! LOOOOOOOOOK!!! WILLYYYYYYYY!!!!!! KNOCK ON THE DOOORRR!!!!".

Trust me, it may not be accurate but they were close to what I heard. And also, for people who do know you, they will obviously know where you live, and since they know you, they would want to see you, so why not just bang on the door to get the attention they need, huh? We thought they would go because we didn't have any treats on us, but after them banging, we decided to try and find treats quickly and give it to them.

I didn't know we would find the treats quickly. And you WILL know it's you, because if someone else, for example, your dad, they will reply, "Thank you, (insert name)'s dad!".

And continuing on with the 'people knowing you' thing, if you put a sign up, they will read it. But will they go away? No! Of course not! And that's brilllllllllliant....

So, yes. There you have it, folks. The bad side. So, to fill in time to make this post at least a bit exciting, I made a short song. It's not a song per se, it's like a parody. Sort of. Ugh, I don't know, but it doesn't matter. It's parodying the original beat from the song (which I tried re-creating) belongs to the owners and to the owners only. And it was originally named, "Burglar".

ANYWAY, the video! This probably describes each and every Halloween from 2010-now.


Come to take the streets
Banging on houses
And yelling for treats
So when I see a group of people
Come to my house, I have to think
We don’t have any treats!
So I say:

I am sorry! (Not!)
I don’t like you when you’re banging for me!
Why can’t you read!
We don’t have lollies, go away, pretty please!