Who Wants to Be A Dollarnaire?

You! Yes, you! The reader of this post! Do you have what it takes to get through this game, filled with several faults, in order to win the jackpot prize, of just one dollar? You do? Brilliant! The game's below, go on a journey to get to the major prize, of one dollar...


  1. This is a very clever way of reinforcing the key idea of 'fair play' in this task through different types of questioning supported by different factual statements. Malo lava

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  3. Hey Willy,
    I am so inspired with your blog as how much you put into it and the posts and everything! In my class the highest amount of posts is probably around 42-45! I am going try and make a blog post everyday. I love the idea of this game! Don't be surprised to see a similar thing out on my blog. Idea borrowing! Speaking about my blog check it out on:http://hpsevanjalinemp.blogspot.co.nz/ Anyways, I'm going to share your entire blog with my class, Teachers and all the classes! Your such a good cyber influence!

  4. Hi Evanjaline! I wish I could reply to you, but on my blog you'd have to just comment below...

    But yes, aw, geez, thanks for the feedback! And thanks for visiting my blog! :D

    And awesome blog too! I admire the design because it reminds me of diaries! And I also admire how you describe your work, too! It's nice and surprising to hear the word, "inspired" on my blog!


  5. P.S - And I don't mind you using this idea, that's alright! :)


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