Sunday, 11 October 2015

White Sunday!

Hi, there, reader!

It was a good day today. Not only was it the last day of the school holidays, but it was, once again, White Sunday! Now, I hardly make a post dedicated to this day, it's usually just part of another blogpost "series" of some sort (like the 2 Weekly Post) and since it's my last year here at Tamaki Primary, I might as well make a post about White Sunday now while I can.

It was morning. And I was waking up to a sun-shiney day! But there wasn't that much blue skies, just light grey clouds...but they had a silver lining, it made the sunrise cool! Changing into my suit that I could still fit, I was ready to get to church. Prior to White Sunday, I had practised this little sermon I was working on, but I was told that it would be cut off. Soo, I forgot about it. Then I had to memorise a verse in Samoan, and we all know it's hard, am I right, people...

People? Oh, nevermind, then. We arrived at church, and to my surprise, for the almost third time in a row, we came early. Hardly anyone else arrived, except for some other people, but it was obvious they'd come too. Don't ask me why, it's like last year. I looked at this clocked, and kept on wondering if it was correct or incorrect. It said 8:30am. We came past 9:00am. Yet I saw another clock say 8:00am the last time I saw was weird, but luckily my Mum had her phone out!

Minutes later and the other people started arriving. There was the band members, some family coming in, some of the children walking in. This was going like last year. I'll keep mentioning that every time I feel reminiscent of...last...year...

Moving skip a few minutes, I was talking with someone about nervousness, and how it would go away if we would pep-talk to ourselves. "You got this!" I say, which is what the other person would usually say. When they say it, it works! When I say it, it sounds awkward...moving on, we're now outside! This was the part where we would sing a song and walk in, then be seated. After that happened, it started.

I'll talk about it more in a next post as I need to stop typing so much, it's almost 9:41pm now, so I should just stop, man...

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