Sunday, 25 October 2015

White Sunday! (Second Part)

Hi, again, reader. Sorry for the late post, there was just some distractions getting in the way.

White Sunday at Church had just started, everyone came into the church and the children and teens and adolescents went outside. Fast forward a few minutes of making a few jokes and laughing and getting ready, we're inside!

And the service begins...with a bit of a preaching and a bit of singing, my group went up first. Briiiiiiilllllliiiiiaaaaannnnt. My Mum introduced the group. Some other people began with a little dance routine with a song. Then it came to me. In case you didn't know, during the school holidays I was practising a sermon, and I was told that I wouldn't need to do a sermon, because I had a verse already memorised.

My mum told me I needed to do my sermon, because another family had to go to a funeral.

It was saddening :(

But, yes, I did my sermon, people were listening and paid fine attention. I forgot some parts but it was alright. Fast forward and I was in a skit! In the skit there was this girl who had been bullied a lot, and I was an encouraging her and telling her that good things will happen later on and stuff like that. It was cool, it was really giving the nessage out there.

Later on, I would realise that a LOT of people would come up to me after what I'd done. After many skits from verses from the Bible, and a lot of singing and praying and praising and preaching, it was finished. I'm just finished it off here because who knows if I can make a part three, you know...

I was sitting down, waiting for the food. And then, while I was alone, someone came up to me. We started making a conversation, and got to know each other. After a few minutes, a few more people came to me. Before you know it, a group of other tweens and teens were bombarding me (respectfully) with questions that I could answer one by one. I'm used to that.

Sort of. Maybe a little used to that. Oh, well.

We ate the food minutes later, and again, I was bombarded (respectfully) with questions. One of the funny questions I answered was if I was a vegetarian or not. I held up a bit of corned beef (I can't believe there's no corn in corned beef) and said, "Yeah, I am. I don't eat meat, at allll..." in a sarcastic tone. We all laughed. We actually laughed a lot, actually. And we didn't know each other! I mean, as in, I hardly knew them personally and they had just met me on that day...

And to end things off, me and my sister (I don't know why I can't really tell you her name, but some of you might already know) were going to get dropped off by my Dad, and while waiting in the car, the most strangest thing caught my eye......a teenager, who was a teenager but looked a bit young for his age, was reversing a car. I was shocked and surprised, and jokingly yelled, "No! Wait! Just think this through!!" and with that we laughed.

At least he didn't reverse into a rubbish bin, like this other person. But I'm saying that as a joke. But it really happened. Oh, well. I hope you understand.

And that, reader, was my White Sunday. With a big time gap between these two posts.

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