Thursday, 8 October 2015

Throwback Thursday! What A Coincidence! Food Technology - Pizza

WALT - make a pizza
WALT - follow instructions on a recipe

Hi, reader!

Below is a presentation on how to make pizza. It was sometime in Term Three where we made pizza, but I forgot what week it was...dang...but yes, this is not the presentation we worked on, I had to make a new one, because the original one was just too confusing and I needed to start over, but I still gave credit to the other people in my group that made pizza, Petra and Tiere.

The pizza did taste nice. Me and Tiere ate it while in class. It was peaceful...until the bell rang.

And yes, I can clearly see that the presentation hardly has pictures related to the method/instructions, but come on, I just did this in less than ten minutes, give me this one exception of not adding pictures!

Thanks to Maopa for the information needed in the presentation.

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Ms Aireen said...

Awesome Willy. Looks delicious. Maybe you can make pizza with your family using the recipe in this presentation and take photos at the same time of each step of the cooking process. :-)

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