Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Popping Balloons in the Name of Multiplication!

IALT (I am learning to) - practise my multiples in learning games.
Hi, there!

For today I wanted to look onto the @Home side of the Kia Manawanui Site again, like I usually do in the school holidays, and saw the maths part of it:

Since it was 6-9 times tables (or multiples of 6 to 9), I went onto this website called Topmarks, which, if you're reading this Whaea Petra, is where I found that Loop Cards online game some time ago. I just played the game on Guest for some reason I completely forgot. This is going to be one of probably two, if not, more, or maybe two, posts surrounding this area of the @Home activity sheet.
This game is called, "Multiple Wipeout." It's a game where you pick a multiple to practise on (in this case, 6 up to 9). We'll use the seven for this one. Then, it counts down from 3. 2. 1. Begin! You are being timed, as you pick the balloons that belong in that specific multiple (e.g if it was the 7 times tables, 14, 73, and 70 are the ones to choose).
I played for a while before I realised I needed to screenshot a lot of what I was doing. My fastest time was, amazingly, on my first try, all the other tries after that were after 30 seconds. At least I was practising my tables, it won't matter about time. No, wait, it might matter. You wouldn't spend a minute thinking about what 7 x 4 is!

By the way, if you clicked on the wrong balloon that was a multiple of the times table, you would get a time penalty.

Below are some more screenshots of the game, in no particular order.

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