Saturday, 3 October 2015

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 5: The End!

It was coming to the end of the production, and I had felt tired, still hungry, tired, woozy and...did I say tired?

Anyway, it was coming towards the end and I had said the closing paragraph in the production. How rude, some people had already stood up! Hey, even though we didn't practise this last part, doesn't mean that we don't use it! Well, that happened to two myths. But never mind that, I was still talking!

Rude. Just, rude, as a narrator. But not that rude, I was feeling almost like wanting to sleep for a long time, even with school tomorrow, but still, I had to say the final, ending parts of the production. And so I did. Even when tired, I still made it to the parts of crediting the people involved. The audience clapped for the actors, the teachers and staff, the students involved, and themselves! Annnnnd that's all I remember. I couldn't remember the last, last, LAST part of that little blurb. I had given the camera back to Ms Aireen, given the leis I wore to Teresa, from which I thought would give back to Mariana, but she said she didn't get them back. :\

Then I, uhhh....oh! I went up the stairs onto the stage, and Quitah went off the stage. I was trying to find the actors to say I was going. I don't know why, you do things when you're tired, and then realise you did it for no reason. Oh, well. They weren't on stage. That was weird. They were just...oh, they must be in that little room that's...down...there...well, I don't know what it's called, let alone knew what it was called don't bother me.

I found them starting to get out of their costumes. "Great job guys," I said quickly, "I'm going now, bye!" I ended. I ran out to find my sister and Mum waiting for me. A walk home and I dived into bed, after having dinner, and just slept. And slept. And slept. And slept in the next morning. Dang it.

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