Sunday, 25 October 2015

How Bizarre! | 2 Weekly Post (Part One - Week One)

Week one! Whoo! Back to school, what a hoot. And as usual, I would come to school at a late time. 
Not really late, I just went to Breakfast Club at a late time. Probably twenty minutes past eight, maybe? I forgot, it was a week ago. Do not do that meme on the last sentence, reader. I know yoou.

Well, not really. I’m basically calling you “reader” because what else would I call you? Your name? Noo, that would be hard. Really hard.

What I remember by then was that the class were going to do an experiment. It was...the Water Bottle Rocket Experiment! Water Bottle Rocket Experiment! Experiment! I hope I remembered to change the font sizes, back there. Here’s a post about it. The video was edited in less than three days.

Tuesday. I remember Tuesday. Well, maybe the KiwiCan part. This term’s focus was something related to “unique”. Pronounced, yoo-neek. I remember everyone discussing their uniqueness, and how they are unique...we all did this activity where we did a different action, which was unique. Interesting responses when we did that donut sharing circle thing.

I forgot what it was. Hehe, some people said at the time that they do-nut want to do that. Haha…, I’m kidding, we all did it. And then something surprising happened...Ms Aireen told me to stay standing, to stand in the middle. Weeiiiirrrdd, but oh, well. Then the most weirdest thing happened…

Ms Aireen told Room 10 to say three things that make me unique.

This is seriously one of the most genuine, kindest, most honest things that’s ever happened to me. What a surprise! I mean, everyone was chatting about what’s good about me in a short discussion. Then the hands, most of them went up! I mean, wow! And I was just standing there, turning around at the people saying their bit. Because it’s rude if someone’s talking about you and you’re not facing them!

And after KiwiCan, Room 10 ran around the bike track. Don’t ask me why, we just did. And another great thing happened! How surprising is that?! I was just running normally, just an average speed for me (slowly), and all of a sudden, I see an opportunity to get past some people, because there were just a few people until you would be first.

I ran fast, and went first. Then came second...then third...sorry for the places, this is how I’m telling you how fast I was. Even with a MINOR heart syndrome! So, the only thing one must do when you’re messing your running up…
-Willy, Tamaki Primary School Student, 2015

Another thing I remember was the ShakeOut Earthquake Drill we all participated in on Thursday. 9:15am. I did a post on this, the day before. Oh, and there was SNAG Golf (or Snag Golf) on Thursday. Here’s some amateur footage a guy took of the drill. To add effect, he shook the camera. Pfft, whoever filmed this has no such profession in filming angles and shots at all…

It was me…

And so, that prompted me to try and make a dramatization of an earthquake in the school. Of course, I didn’t do it this week, I started on that new “project” the next week.

And Technology was cool, for this week my group is in Music. So, for this term, I’m going to say, “For Technology, the Music Group”, okay? Just keeping that in mind whenever I say that. We learned what a rhythm and a beat is, and what the differences were. It was actually cool trying to figure them out, but strangely enough…

Nothing was called, “Steve”! I mean, nothing, only some things that were close to that, but still, no Steve! I kept saying that throughout the whole session. Seriously, here’s a blurb below:

Me: It’s a Steve!
Correct Answer: Semibreve

Me: Is that a Steve?
Correct Answer: All the other musical notes

Me: It’s a Steve!
Correct Answer: Stave

Me: Otherwise known as a Steve, right?!
Correct Answer: Staff


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