Hi, Reader...

Uhh...you'll never, umm...this is...wow...I-I...whaa...this is my, uhh...woooww...I...whaa...I can't even, uhh...umm....what?! Oh, my go...wh...wh...what?! I don...this is...I-I-I...oh, goodne...this isn't...my heart's beating a lot, I mean...

Wow...this is unbelieva...ble...I can't stop breathin...I'm smiling a lo...a lot...I just...wow...I can't believe this, I mean, gosh, dang it, it feels good. It's like...like...paradise, although paradise looks a lot..like...a lot like home...wow...

This is...this.......this post right here...filled with hardly any proper sentences besides this one....is my 1000th post, reader. I would thank a lot of people, but, uhh...oh, my gosh, mate...

I'm a bit speechless, haha...


But really, ten minutes later, after I've caught my breath, and controlled my emotions, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for at least taking a look at my blog. Thank you, my friends, for always complimenting my work and wishing me luck to bring my up to here, thanks for the support and all the praise and kind messages, thanks for the faith.

Now after this post, it's all going to be normal, I'll be blogging in a slow pace. I've done it, this is my 1000th post. Words can't describe this, but that's what words are for, so I'll call this amazing, and just....so worth it. I've made plenty of sacrifices throughout this blog, of many things. Thank you for reading my posts.

I'm going to stop typing/talking now, and just keep working. Maybe I'll take a break, but we'll see.

Oh, by the way, before this post, there's an interactive story that took me eight months to make. It's probably below this post. Thank you for reading.

-Willy :)



  1. Hey Willy,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I liked to say no, Thank you! Your such a great blogging role model! I'd like to hear what you have to say about chromebooks. Have they made a big impact on your learning as it has done to me? I am still wowed and so excited that I have a comment from the Willy from Tamaki School. I'm such a fan of yours and congrats on reaching your 1000th post! Keep on being fresh on the blogging world and reality!

  2. Congratulations Willy! What an achievement. You have entertained us, informed us, motivated us and energized us.

    Keep it up. Two thousand has never been achieved before by a Manaiakalani learner!

    Mrs Burt

  3. Congratulations Willy - you are an inspiration! What I love most about your posts is the personal voice you're able to attain - fantastic!

  4. What an amazing achievement Willy! You set yourself a goal of 1000 blog posts and to succeed before the end of your final year at Tamaki Primary is such an incredible accomplishment!! We are all so proud of you, keep up the fantastic blogging journey and I can't wait to read your 2000th blog post!

  5. What an amazing accomplishment Willy!!! Congratulations on achieving 1000 blog posts. You truly are an inspiring learner and blogger. I am always proud of the way you share your learning and life experiences each week on your tremendous blog. I agree with Whaea Petra, keep up the fantastic blogging. Malo lava Willy, tama lelei!!!


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