Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Rocket For Walking In The Park? It'll be handy! | Multiplication Games for Learning

IALT (I am learning to) - practise my multiples in learning games.
Hi, again, reader!

Here's another multiplication game that I played just before. Probably after 2:00pm but before 2:30pm.

8 Times Table Rocket Dad

Well, at least it was going to let me practise my eight times tables. Here's the objection:

Dad and the kids have gone for a walk in the park. Oz and Bex have spotted some of their lost toys stuck up in the tree. Rocket Dad up into the tree and free the toys. 
See how high up you can get him get by answering the questions as fast as you can!
(Don't forget to press the ENTER key)

It was surprising. He had something that would help rocket up into a tree. It was almost like it was something he'd always bring along to walks in the park. 

But anyway, logic aside, I had to answer questions that were from the 8 times tables. It was hard, I had to screenshot at some moments, but if you just stop there, while Dad is in the air, he will come back down slowly, and if he reaches the ground, well...you'll just have to get him back up again.

It's not game over. The game ends when you answer ten questions, and wherever you are, either at the highest point or the lowest point, that's your score. After playing it many times, I realised something weird was happening each time I played it...

Buut, in the end, I got a good score, after countless tries to get to the top...

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