Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Cat Was Away | 2 Weekly Post (Term Three, Week Six)

Another post of a long summary of the week. From Week Six. It shows Monday to Wednesday, because that’s all I remember.
Aaah. Week Six. Wasn’t this week interesting, huh? Reealllly intereessting…

Ms Aireen was sick for about two days, Monday, and Tuesday. In the meantime, Room 10 had a reliever. I forgot his name. Apologies. But also, I had two days of doing my project. I forgot how it went down. It either went well or badly. I’ll just say both for now.

The whole class were a different bunch of students for the two days, I’ve gotta tell you. There will always be the one day where everyone changes. Some people, who shall not be named, sat repeatedly on the wrong side of the heater. Some people weren’t really participating that much. Some pe-no, I should stop there. Or else, I would make a whole bunch of rant-like things that’ll make no progress in getting fixed - it’s all in the past now. All in the past.

And note: Never try to take full charge at anything that gets to you. Just don’t. You’ll end up breaking some relationships with people nearest to you - as said from a friend of mine.

Moving on from Monday and Tuesday, we go onto Wednesday. Now, Ms Aireen was at school. But, she was on release. I forgot what release is, but somewhere along there the teacher is out of the class for a specific amount of time. So, technically, she wasn’t….”here”...

Oh! Remember that Sports Timeline that I blogged about some time ago? Probably Week Six? Yeah, me and Brandon worked a bit on that. It was originally made on cardboard, as we were doing a poster. But we scrapped it (double meaning). It was a bit loud in the library. Some attitude across a couple of people who talked with me, but it’s all in the past, right?


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