Thursday, 8 October 2015

Talks And A Conference | 2 Weekly Post (Part Two - Term Three, Week Four)

Hi, there, reader, again!

This is another 2 Weekly Post that I didn’t post before, but now will!
On Monday, the Year Eights went to the hall for most of the first block. There was a guy named Nate talking to us, about getting ready for the adolescent stage, and I mean, like, the deep stuff. There were moments of peer pressure, some pretty cool and “that’s gotta hurt” stories being told, and personalities. In animal types, so for example, if you were an otter, you would be classified as the person who doesn’t like being bored, or is the class clown.

If you were a lion, you would be a natural leader. If you were an otter, then you’d be the life of the party, but you’d also be the class clown. If you were a beaver, you’d have things go your way and be the one with a certain chance of a good future. And if you were a golden retriever would be the loyal one. I picked the golden retriever, but everyone recommended me to be a beaver. That was weird. But a way…

In short, it was a good lesson. I learnt some things about myself and learnt some things about other people as well. Such fun!

But other than the talks from Nate, the Whanau Conferences were another thing to get ready for, let alone adolescent self-discovery. Everyone, by the time the Whanau Conferences were beginning to start, had either almost-nearly finished or finished their presentations. I forgot how my one went, but I did post it on the day of the conferences. If there’s a mistake in there, don’t mind it!

Well, do mind it, I need feedback.

Or don’t. That’s fine. Either way I made a mistake.

And then the next day Mrs Komor complimented that I had a good family during my Whanau Conference. Thaanks again. :)

That’s all I remember from this week.

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