Thursday, 8 October 2015

Do You Remember? | 2 Weekly Post (Part One - Term Three, Week Three)

Hi. These next few posts are from Term Three. I forgot to post them It’s a bit of a ‘memory lane’ series of posts about the term that was...Term Three...
Monday was a good day…a good day...I was out of class practising with the people who are in this little project of mine, practising something for the actual project. It was pretty distracting, we were singing at random times, one of the members of the group were absent, and most of us went to do other stuff, so if you put it in a way…

We practised a little. Although, if you asked me, this was further than I had expected. Last term, the group didn’t get through the first part! The first part! And now we’re on our...second part! Hooray!

But yeah, the girls of the group had to go try out some skirts for the netball tournament the next day, or, in this case, “tomorrow”.

Tuesday was the day of the Netball Tournament. I never talked much about this on the blog, but it was really quiet on this day. I didn’t know how to describe the day at the time. KiwiCan was a great time, and I’ll blog the activity (if I can find it, that is), and then for the rest of the day, it was normal was weird having the Year Sevens with us, though...but nevermind that, I should’ve known that would happen.

Also on Tuesday, Ms Aireen and I were trying to get something to work. In the end it resulted of it being uploaded to YouTube, but thankfully, it’s unlisted, so searching it will not find it! Aha!

Moving onto Wednesday. It was my second Manaiakalani Speech Presentation, which I had not talked about. Some of the ambassadors from the other schools were sick, and of course, that’s understandable, it was Winter. And, it was pouring with rain. Ended up going well, though…

I had an umbrella!

Okay, now since this is Week Three I’m talking about, and I’m finishing this off in the holidays, I’m pretty sure that...oh, bother, I’ll just see things that will remind me of what happened...I remember a bit. There wasn’t Technology in the first block got moved to Friday. Surprisingly, everyone was cheering at that!

On Friday, there was Technology. I was/am in Food Technology, and we ba-

Pat a cake, pat a cake,
Baker’s man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can,
Roll it up, roll it up,
Throw it on a pan!
Pat a cake, pat a cake, Baker’s man…

Urgh, I thought I wouldn’t have to do that again. But anyway, we baked chocolate cakes. It was quite nice, really. The chocolate and the eggs, with that special icing just going on top at the end. Sure, it may have been burnt a little, but in the end at least we ate what we baked, right?

Yeah, at least we did that.

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