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The Goddess of the Volcano...

Hi, there. This post is going to be one of two stories that didn't make it into the final cut of the production, but, was still practised and done during practises and Performing Arts practises. Enjoy this first myth about the Goddess of the Volcano, a myth from Hawaii.

This myth is called ‘The Goddess of the Volcano’. Kilauea was a fun and happy place to live. There was enough food for everyone to have full bellies and the people spent their time making music and singing and playing different games like ball games and races. There was a massive volcano in the centre of the island - this is where the Mighty Volcano Goddess Pele lived.

Kahawali was a young and brave chief who lived on Kilauea. He was the fastest and most skilled at the sled races the men took part in, racing down the side of the mighty volcano in the middle of the island. He liked to race all the time to show how he was the best on the island at racing.

One day Kahawali was approached by his friend Laka…
“Aloha Kahawali, Pehea ‘oe? How are you? Do you fancy a race down the volcano today?” Laka questioned Kahawali,
“Aloha Laka," Kahawali replied, "I'm great thank you. A race sounds like fun. Let’s see who has the skills to reach the bottom without smashing into the volcanic rocks!” he said, and so, Laka and Kahawali journeyed up and up, higher and higher, to the ledge near the top of the volcano, carrying their sleds ready to race.

"Right, it’s on - let’s race.” Kahawali said,
"I have been practicing Kahawali - I think I may be able to beat you this time!" Laka told Kahawali,
"Haha Laka," Kahawali doubted Laka. "I am the greatest sled racer on the island! I hope there are some people waiting at the bottom of the volcano to see me win."

So the race began…Laka and Kahawali sped down the side of the volcano, dodging the jagged volcanic rock, zipping in and out of the trees, going faster and faster until they reached the bottom of the volcano and onto beautiful white sand of the beach.

"I won! I won! I am still the best in all the village!" Kahawali celebrated,
"I thought I had you Kahawali," Laka said in defeat, "but you are a skilled racer. Can I try again to beat you?" he asked Kahawali, and so the two warriors made their way back up the mountain to the ledge ready to race again. They had both just sat down at the top of the volcano to catch their breath when...
"What’s going on here?” Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano, asked. "Who are you two men? And what are you doing up here on the volcano ledge?"
“Aloha wahine," Kahawali said, "I am Kahawali the chief of Kilauea. This is my friend Laka. We are having a competition to see who is the fastest racing down the volcano on our sleds.”
"I would like a turn. Let me race you.” She turns to Laka, who is holding his sled,
“Give me your sled so I can race.” she demanded him. Laka was nervous about the strange wahine, but he gave over his sled. He tried to give a warning to his friend Kahawali to take care, but Kahawali was thinking about being able to show his village how great he was, by beating another person in a volcano sled race.

The two lined up at the ledge…and they were off...they whizzed down the volcano, getting closer and closer to the finish line at the beach, the villagers had gathered to cheer on their chief when suddenly...CRASH! The wahine’ sled caught a rock and she came tumbling off the sled. Kahawali heard the crash but continued on to take his glory at the finish line surrounded by his villagers.

“I am still the greatest racer on the island - no one can beat me!” Kahawali cheered.
Pele picked herself up, brushed some stuff off her, and walked towards Kahawali. “I want to race again. I know everything about this volcano and I know I am greater than you at racing”, and with that, they went back up the volcano. Kahawali was smirking and smiling the whole way, confident he was still the best on the island. When they reached the top, Laka asked who won, and Kahawali, confidently, replied that he won, of course, and asked if there was any doubts about that.

Pele wasn't happy with that.

“Enough of your boasting! Do you not know who I am?! I am Pele Goddess of the Volcano! I will show you how powerful and great I am and then I will win the next race!" she yelled out with anger, and gesturing to the volcano, it bursted with burning lava, coming straight for Laka and Kahawali. They scream and shout in terror as they try to escape the lava. Laka, unfortunately, started to lag behind, and was sadly consumed by the lava. Kahawali continued on to his village, trying to shout warnings.

But it was too late. The lava smothered the whole village. He was raced into the surf, and lay there, looking sorrowfully at his once beautiful island, all destroyed. His only choice was to turn away and try and swim to a new island, to start again.

The End.

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