Monday, 28 September 2015

Term Three's Last Day...The Middle Block...

I went to watch Stanley play a game. Don't judge me! It's not like I would choose "watch a friend play a game" over "watch a cool movie" all the time. This is one of those times...but anyways, I watched Stanley play, and he was pretty good at it! But other guys around the other side of the room (there were two sides, the movie side, and the free time side) were being loud every now and then, and I had to, because it was a habit now that I did it at the production (believe me, I had no idea I'd do this all the time now), quiet them down. With the momentary help from Stanley and others.

I was laughing myself out at some moments during his "gameplay". There was this cell that had a recurring name that would be meant rude, but sounded funny. Really funny, and to believe, even now, that it came first. It came first. I laughed so much I couldn't contain myself, I had to turn away and tell myself repeatedly to stop laughing, because then I'd be a hypocrite, sort of...I told them to be quiet, now I laugh out loud.

By then, Stanley had said a phrase that would've sounded extremely wrong, and before I could stop laughing, I continued laughing. "Shush, Willy." Stanley said. Sure, this isn't what he really said, but come on, on this blog, good language is spread around here! And then Marcus came on. He saw Stanley, because his name was Hitman1. "Oh, hi, Stan!" he said,
"Huh?" I said to myself quietly, because if Marcus could see Stanley, he could probably be on the screen. But where is he? Stanley's cell was big, so why can't I see Mar...cus...
"Oh..." I say aloud, finally realising that Marcus is a small cell, I almost start to laugh again
"Shush." Marcus replied. Again, not what he really said.

By the way, on another note, I spent the whole block watching Stanley play. It was almost like Shortland Street, only less dramatic. The only drama by then was that Stanley would've been eaten and the game would be over, or he would've been in the Top 3 Ranking for a long time, and had been there for a long period of time. During that time, this literally happened...

1. Hitman1
Willy: Whoa! Yay! *puts hand on Stanley's shoulder*
Stanley: Yes!
Willy: You're number one!
*almost eight seconds of celebrating*
Willy: Oh...
Brandon was now number one.
Willy: Well, that was like, eight seconds! *goes for high-five with Brandon, Stanley gets in the middle of it*

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