Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Term Three's Last Day...The Last Block...

Lunchtime's finished. I went on to help Ms Ellison in her class. She was a new teacher whose been with the school for a while, if you didn't know. Anyways, I went to help her put away those classroom library shelve-thingies. I couldn't find a picture but hopefully you get me. It has those wheels that make it easy to transport.

It wasn't a long walk. I was still sick, unfortunately, so I was feeling woozy after the walk from Room 3 to one of the old relocatables. Mrs Manuyag, who happened to be in the Art Room at the same time, asked if the library shelf thingy was going to be used at all. We said, "Probably not." or something related, and she took it. Because it's no use to have something to sit there...it's best to have someone else use it.

After a brain fog, I realised that these skinny blue things that were left in the relocatable that we were in, was actually what Ms Ellison needed. I couldn't believe that they folded out to be reading shelves! How weird! Yet cool that it can just...fold out like that! For helping out, we got a piece of cake.

I guess you can say...that was a piece of ca-
Patty cake, patty cake,
Baker's man, ba-ke. Piece of cake, it was a piece of cake.

I walked back to the classroom where Stanley had then announced, "There's Willy!" and while I was enjoying that really moist piece of cake, I ended up being part of a dance battle. Boys VS Girls. Well, this was going to be weird. Weird as in, me dancing to music I never thought I would dance to. After a couple of songs, we then ended up doing songs from the production (which, in this sense, was last night).

We were laughing and smiling at the songs we did, it was a miracle we knew all of it! Well, some of it, I was struggling throughout the whole thing, and only knew PROPERLY the Actor's Performance. By the time we did the Ballet Performance the second, that's where we lost it. I laughed my heart out already, and it was gonna happen again. But, with the end of the day approaching, it was time to go...

To the assembly. Walking over there, to the hall, where it was weirdly in another direction (the stage was the back, the back was the front). I was weirded out, but got used to it...about a minute in the hall. It was just a end of term assembly, where we all were reminiscing about the term that was...term three...

After the assembly, I walked out of the hall, and Marcus was there again. "Willy, look at this..." he told me, and I did look at something. It was the mural outside of the hall. If you've seen this mural outside of the hall then you know what I'm talking about. I moved back to see the full meaning. I laughed alot, but then realised that Mehi was nearby. She shook her head as I tried to proclaim my innocence to a person who interpreted that picture in a very wrong way. It was a joke, of course, but I didn't say it first!

It was Marcus! And that, reader, is how my term ended...looking at two rocks that represented something I cannot describe because then that will make this blog weird...and walking off home to think about that thought, and try and remove it...

Thee Ennd.

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Ms Aireen said...

It was an amazing fun, last day of the term. Full of laughter, tiredness and dancing. I filmed you all while you were dancing, maybe you can make a digital year book and add the video I have of the fun dance battle that happened on the last day of term 3. I look forward to another fun term with you Willy. I know you will find ways to enjoy your last term @ TPS :-)

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