Sunday, 27 September 2015

Term Three's Last Day...The First Block...

On Friday, the next day (although this post has no relation to the posts about Production) after the Production Night, it was the last day for Term Three. The thought of having one more term left before I leave wasn't on my mind that much. I actually forgot that this would be the last day! This is beginning to happen every so often, and it's weird. I went to school with my sister, late, as always, for personal reasons that seem pretty private to say for my sake.

Going upstairs into class, I put away my bag and the netbook. And, netbook case, which had the netbook in-urgh, I'll just get to the point. In class, some people got some chocolate and lollies because they brought their forms back. I was one of them. We were only to eat it after packing up. Poor Stan. He was standing behind a chair, looking on at the lollies, looking at Ms Aireen then pointing at the lollies.

"Is someone near me?" Ms Aireen joked.
Hi, everyone!I would like to introduce my friend, Stanley. He doesn't ask so-called, "Stanley Questions" and doesn't state "Stanley Answers".
Then the Year Eights and I went out to help clean the Sommerville Hall, to put some things away. And in the bin. And back to school. A LOT of chairs were needed to take back. Now we have the wooden chairs now. Lots of stuff were carried over, some were carried by hand, some were carried by car, some were carried by...hand, again...and in the end it looked clean! Just a few guys going over to help out some more because they mucked around. And it was past 10:00am. Well, that was fast. The Year Eights - well, the remainder of the Year Eights, there were a small hand of us by the time we came back, cleaned up one side of the classroom space, so that the other side could be used to watch a movie. A movie to watch on the last day. I hope it's one I haven't seen twice. The Maze Runner.

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