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Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 3: Showtime!

Ten minutes passed by. The seats were full of family members, people from the community and school, and some of the past students of Tamaki Primary. I had stood at the pulpit or stand, where I would say my parts in the production. While waiting, I talked a bit with others about my look. One person asked me jokingly, "Trying a new look, huh?". Hah, I never knew a lot of people would like that look.

If you need a description, and hopefully there'll be a picture or video showing me, I was wearing a lei around the neck, a lei around my head, the new aloha shirt, and people said it suited me! Well, the leis on me. How nice! And then, after waiting for the audience to settle down, and getting the nod from Ms Aireen, I begun the evening with a beginning speech. It was about laying some house keeping rules and adding an extra rule at last minute about the baskets that, if any parents would wanted to give some money at any time, would place.

Or the people on stage, either was good. Although, I mentioned the baskets in a way that seemed to give the impression we needed donations. But we did. In a good way. "It's for a good cause!" I added on, with scattered laughter. And it began, with the Choir Group going first. The actor's performance would come straight after them, and, knowing that I still hadn't learnt the whole dance routine from half-way to the end, I began to get hot.

I gave the camera to Maopa, who was part of the backstage group. They were also part of the production too, they just helped with the stage and stuff while they weren't performing. I asked Mrs Komor, "Can I borrow this real quick?" and she replied, "Sure." or something similar, and I started fanning myself with her script. I gave it back to her seconds after, and she fanned me! How nice! And perfect timing as well, we went on!

The crowd was cheering, but I still had one thing in mind.....follow Stanley. Because he probably knew all the moves already, I mean, prior to the production, he taught the guys of the acting group the boy parts for the dance, especially this knee movement thing which was confusing at first. And is still confusing. Still. After we finished our dance routine, we went straight into the first scene.

It was the beginning scene. I talked a bit about the island nation of Hawaiki, the homeland of Kupe (played by Stanley), Tane (his son, played by James), Aroha (his daughter, played by Mehi), and Rata (his wife, played by Mele, WHO HAS WEIRD FEE-

Bloggical Difficulties | Please Read By | FACT: A dolphin's high speed is more than thirty kilometr-

Moving on, Kupe wanted to discuss with his family about the problems facing Hawaiki. Families began to get bigger as time went by, and because of that, more people needed to eat. But with that, animals were hard to hunt. "I was out hunting all day yesterday for a kunekune to eat for dinner, and all I saw were other hunters, not one, single, pig!" Kupe began.
Rata agreed, saying, "I know what you mean. It is getting harder and harder to find fern roots and berries to eat. Even the coconuts and bananas don't grow so readily anymore!"

After a short discussion, they decided to go on their Malaga (Samoan for 'Journey', pronounced Mah-lah-nga). With supplies and food for their long journey, they set off. A month later, they arrive on Hawaii. A couple of people, including the chief, greet them.

BACK TO REALITY: Even though Ricky (who played the chief) having a bit of a stumble with his lines, he still thrived through to try and remember them. The crowd cheered him on in encouragement. The Hawaiian group then performed their item. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was their song, with percussion instruments and ukuleles filling our ears. Great singing!

Then the ballroom dancing group performed. In the production, they were from the American mainland, so their faces were to be painted with the American flag. Their performance was spectacular with the final costumes and the synchronisation at the right timing! It still gets to me even now! It was had a compilation of different songs from completely different genres of music, just wow.

Kupe and his family thanked the Hawaiian Chief, and continued on in their Malaga.

I'll do the posts separate. The next post in the series focuses on the Intermission, while I do a new one with the actual production, retold by yours truly. Or me.

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