Sunday, 27 September 2015

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 4: Intermission!

"Enjoy the intermission."

The words I said before the intermission began, and I went off to talk with some people.
I was a bit thirsty, but not too thirsty. I drank a bit of water that I brought over earlier (which Ms Kyla recommended, thank you Ms Kyla), but how was I supposed to get through the crowd? Urgh, maybe I would just wait. In the meantime, I'll watch the school band perform 'Man in the Mirror'. And then I saw Teina. "Hi!" I yell at Teina,
and she replies with a "Hi!" and a wave back. We both walk out of each other's sight, before walking back into each other again. "Hi! Again!" I yell at her, and by the way, it was loud, so might as use yell for talk.
"Hi!" she yells in reply again. The music's blaring, and I turn around to find my Mum, who in fact wasn't that far. Before you know it, I turn back and accidentally bump into Teina once again.
"Hi!" I yell again, this time with a laugh,
Teina waves with a laugh. I tell myself to finally move away, just when my mum approached me.

She had asked me what time it was going to finish. So that she would pick me up later on. She was going to go for a while because at the same time, there was a practise for White Sunday happening at apparently the same time. I think it was. Anyway, they were going to come back at the end of the production to pick me up. I had a guess of saying, "Maybe 8:30..." and we agreed on that time.

I was hopeful that I would be right.

My mum then gave me some money for some food. It wasn't that much, but good enough. She was in a hurry, that's all. She took Abby, who had lost her jandal at the best time, and I was standing there, wondering what to do next. Then I saw Mavis! She was just walking in, as I popped out of the crowd, and into her, she saw me out of nowhere. I think. Took a while to get out of the crowd.

We yell to each other for a while, when I noticed something. I literally had to bend down a little to get to the height where I would talk to someone. Usually, for someone who is getting to be as tall as me, I would just look down a bit, but for people like Mavis, I would either:

1. Bend down to get sufficient similar-like height.
2. Walk a bit back to look at them without looking down a lot.

But, yes, we had a bit of a talk. Then John, Kamaka (old friend), and Simon walked through the door! This may sound like a prompt for a joke, but it's not! Well, this is what happened....I saw John, and said in a NORMAL voice since it was a bit less crowded in there, and called his name:

John's still looking somewhere else.
"John? J-oooohhhhhhhhnnnn....."
.....he's still looking somewhere else...
"John......John....." and just then Raechal saw me and laughed at the fact that I was saying his name countless ti-oh, he responded. And I forgot what to say. Gosh, dang it.

Okay, I finally went outside, into the dark and weird-lighting atmosphere. Gosh, with the working light on it felt weird going through the stalls. Still, I needed something to eat. Or drink. Water gets boring after you drink a lot of it. The following is a live reconstruction. Oh, yes, the sausage sizzle stall. But, dang it. It's a LONG line of people. Oh, well, I can wait.

Then along came a familiar face. She knew me, but I must've forgotten her. "Darling, right?" I asked,
"No..." she said, saying a different name. Iiiiiiiit was awkward for a while. In a funny way.

Along came Brandon. He was standing near me, heels up, at least trying to be taller than me.

This time it didn't take long. I did something and he probably got a sore stomach, but that's alright! He's all fine now! Riiight.....moving on from what I did, which was harmless and reasonable, I had to get back, the next scene was about to start!

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