Saturday, 26 September 2015

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 2: Backstage!

Hi, again. These series of posts are going to be about that one night that happened on Thursday the 24th of September. Obviously, every school holidays I've got to find one story to put into parts, so luckily this happened recently!

From where I last went off, Quitah, myself, and Ricky had brought over some trays. I went back inside the Sommerville hall, and sat in the audience chairs. I was really tired, by the way. After all, I had just ran through the school. Well, power-walked. It was between those two stages. There are seven six stages of leg transport in my world:

Dead Walk (a walk done after running) --- Walk --- Power Walk --- Jog --- Fast Jog --- Run --- Sprint
no, not sprint, nooo...

After a while of recovering, I went to Ms Aireen, who was adding a little blurb at the beginning of the script. It was about welcoming them, of course, and laying some house keeping rules. Nice name for it, since a lot of people were coming, so rules would be needed. One of them was about being as quiet as possible. But, later in the evening, I knew that was not THAT guaranteed as I thought it would be.

After practising for a while, and sitting and standing countless times for what seemed like ten minutes, I went to take a look backstage to see what was happening. "Ooh, the camera!" I thought, and back dow-WHOA! I missed a step and almost fell down the stairs! Phew!
"I'm alright! I'm alright!" I assured, if anyone heard what happened. Mrs Komor happened to notice the huge BANG! that I left on the one step, and turned around to me.
"We do not want you to die tonight, Willy!" Mrs Komor advised me.
"Don't worry!" I assured her, and by then I made sure I looked where I was going, meaning I would look at the steps and be careful of where I put my feet.

Well, that's changed my perspective on how to walk on stairs forever. I grabbed the camera as people started to come in, and went back up the stairs, carefully, onto the stage to see what was going on. Everyone was in costume and as said from the mini-interviews, "excited and nervous". I interviewed Ms Aireen, complementing the dress she was wearing, and I had a good angle. Moving a bit, I also caught Stanley video-bombing the interview! Haha! He was just making thumbs-up signs and smiling a lot.

I walked off with the camera after interviewing almost everyone in the acting group, and Mrs Komor asked for the camera. "How do you work this?" she asked,
"Oh, press the red button. I have a feeling you're gonna intervie-
She pressed the red button and began asking me a question,
"I knew you'd interview me." I said to myself, and to the camera, it seems. I answered a question with a genuine smile on my face, and mentioned the little trip-over I had on the stairs, and by then, I had almost 10 minutes of footage done. Or more. I forgot.


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I said to myself, and ot the camera, it seems......

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