Friday, 25 September 2015

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production

It took many weeks.

Over a month.

Probably two months.

Maybe more, I forgot. It was probably a term.

It took a term.

Many people were involved in the school production, some were last minute. There were some sacrifices made for time, and many mistakes were made, but in the end, it was all worth it. Yesterday, Thursday the 25th, it was the day of the night of the T.P.S School Production Night, the title being Malaga Fifia Pasifika: A Happy Journey Around the Pacific. I was having one of the main roles...

The Narrator! Or, as said in the script...Narrator. So by then, most of the time I was called "Narrator". I would say that this would've been one of the beeeessssttt nicknames foor meee.....

But moving on from my "nickname", I was all dressed up for the role, with a NEW aloha shirt that my mum had brought just earlier. Thanks! 

To skip a few confusing minutes of running in and out of the school, I ran into the Sommerville Special School hall (or, if you want me to confuse myself again, the Old Tamaki Intermediate) at 4:30....well, not exactly, of course. It was just Whaea Petra in the hall, and I went to explore the school. Walking into the school grounds again, there was Taylor, and who I thought was Charday, with two other people, sitting in the park. I walk back, waving at a couple people.

Then I walk back into the hall. By then, I saw Quitah and Stanley walk with cakes. Through the door, Stanley was, from what I thought, was laughing at the sight of me, jokingly. At least that's what I thought.

Seconds later, he dropped a cake. I laughed for a few seconds before realising that someone probably worked hard on making and baking that cake. I mean, I like ca-

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man,
Bake me a ca-okay, that's enough, haha. Taalk about instant karma! After things got set up, and more actors started to come, like Marcus, Ricky, James, Mehi, and Mele, it was starting to test some microphones that would be later used during the actual production. Ms Aireen arrived with a fabulous dress that was bright, even if the curtains were closed! I asked for the camera from her, and I went off outside, again, to just film some random stuff, that will probably be deleted.

I managed to get some "interviews" (take notice of the quotation marks) with some people holding drinks, walking to the hall, some shots of the school in its probably state during after-school hours, and then I walked back. While I was walking back, though, Quitah was calling some people to help her find some trays for the sausage sizzle. I went along...for no apparent reason, I just wanted to film something.

It was tiring, of course, I ran with them back to the school grounds. Whyy did I run with the camera...whyy...WHYY! I was so puffed out later on! Quitah, Ricky (who came along) and I couldn't find any trays in the staffroom (that's where we first went). So, we rushed downstairs to the hall kitchen. Long story short, we came back with some trays. Done.

Since this is getting long, like it would always do, so I'll continue on in another post coming soon. Soon.

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