Thursday, 10 September 2015

Iron Tamariki - Identifying Key Ideas (Throwback Thursday)

Hi. This is another Throwback Thursday. This is a task that was supposed to be posted last week, or even a while ago. Cue the harp music!

WALT - identify key ideas of a text.

On Monday Room 10 read a text together. As a class. I had came into class late, and so, while being confused to what was happened, I read the text closest to me. "Willy, that's ours..." said the person whose paper was currently being used and read. "Oh, yeah, yeah..." I reply, "Just wait a moment...yeah, there you go..." I give it back, reading only half of it.

I did read all of it in the end, I just forgot that this post was lying around in the dashboard, so, what do you know, here I am typing this down.

Below's the task.


I believe that in the text it showed parts of faith and self-belief between the main character (Mana) and his family. Since there was a big goal for Mana (the main character of the story) was to do the IronMÃori Tamariki, a lot of faith and self-belief There is a moment in the story where Mana asks his dad, “Far! Dad, so you think I can do this IronMÃori Tamariki?”, and his dad told him, “Son, I know you can.”. I also recall his mum telling him to not worry about the fact that she had actually come to watch him. The part where it says that part is here, "Mum! What are you doing here?" Mana said,
"Don't worry about me, speedy! Kia tere!" his mum said, adding a laugh.

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