Monday, 7 September 2015

Food Technology - Week Seven

This is a presentation that I worked on with Cavhyon, McKoy, Charlie-Ray, and Mana. They're also in my Technology Group. We made Corn Beed and Noodles, with a bit of vegetables in the mix. It was nice! I couldn't think of what we would add more or take away, I mean, I ate the whole thing, and practically licked the plate..bowl...thing!

Enjoy the presentation!

And I did a lot of puns during the session as well. Note: Saying too much may spoil your chances of getting a laugh, hehe.

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Maui said...

Hi Willy, I really liked how your instructions were very direct, I also liked how you added photos in the process when you were making the food, Another thing that I liked was the funny moving faces at the beginning of the presentation. Keep up the awesome work Willy!!
By Maui

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