Thursday, 17 September 2015

Concrete Poem - The Serve...

WALT - write a poem about a type of sports game (I didn't know the actual WALT)

Hi, everyone! Nice to have you read this post, about something new I tried! Room 10, for the past few weeks, worked on writing a poem based on a sport we liked. Thankfully, I completed mine just in time for presenting. But, luckily also, I didn't present!

By the time I post, my teacher may see this. Aw, geez. Oh, well, at least I'll post something. So, anyway, I picked one of my favourite sports, tennis. Yes, even though it involves running, it gets the blood running! And even if I'm bad at remembering where the out line is, at least I can hit the ball! The drawing above shows my poem. It's a concrete poem, the first shape being a tennis racket and the second being a tennis ball. 

It was a bit hard to do, but thankfully I can blog it now!

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