Wednesday, 9 September 2015

At Least I Did One Task! | Novel Study Task: Composing a "Song"


This "short" post is about the one Novel Study task I completed in a short amount of time. My reading group had read The Hobbit. The book. I couldn't believe that the trilogy (as in movies) were made from the one book! Wow! But, anyways, me and Mehi, friend, had done some other stuff out of class, which I can't really reveal for now in respect of the person in and Mehi had to read the whole book, a week after the group had started. And then ended.

That is what amazed me. They finished the book in probably less than a week. The reading was tough, since it was rushed, but at least I remembered what happened in the book!

I woould tell you the whole thing, but, thanks to this one task, I made a song. Well, it's a parody of a song, from Madonna! And great timing, as well!

Here's the lyrics below. The recording will come very soon...

Like A Hobbit

Bilbo was a boring old hobbit
Who loved his home and his carpet
He was just a small guy, who was trying to relax,
Or whatever you call it….

He was caught
By the door
Several dwarves
And a wizard too
And he would try to avoid
He would try to avoid

A new adventure!

Hey! Like a hobbit,
Living for the very first time!
Like a hobbit,
It was lucky, that he didn’t die..

Better keep on going with the story,
At last Bilbo wasn’t so boring!
He was a burglar, he stole stuff,
From the pockets of evil.

Riddles done, Gollum done.
He went on, to be with his friends,
And then there was a dragon,
And it was draggiiin
The story aloong….

Like a Hobbit (Hey!)
Something happened, and Smaug died!
Like a Hobbit,
There was a battle
Then at the end he was smoking??

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