Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Sort Of Throwback Thursday!


This is probably the first Throwback Thursday that is quite literally a throwback. Not just a few weeks ago, not even a month ago, not even a few months ago, but a couple years back!

It was back in 2012! Wow!

Filled with a bit too much animation, a bit of confusing information, unpredictable words, and images, this presentation was done by Patosina, Briant, and myself. It was when we were studying about something and stuff, and had to make a presentation. That's all I remember. I remember having Briant come into our group, because before him it was just me and Patosina working on the presentation.

I can't really talk more about it, only at the fact that our choices of words (seriously) were really mind-boggling!

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