Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trains Are Teasing! Multiplicative D.L.O (Train Teasers)


WALT - use multiplicative thinking/knowledge to solve word problems (I don't know the actual WALT but at least I made one up!)

This post is going to be about Maths! A specific part of Maths, where I needed to think a lot about the questions, as they were centred between Level 3 to Level 4. Yes...I thought a lot about them, and how to answer them as well. I worked on this by myself, since there was no one else to buddy up with :\

Enjoy! Comment below this post to give me feedback, and feedforward! It's not good if I don't improve on activities, or else I would end up doing the wrong thing!

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Tokilupe said...

Hey Willy,
I'm Lupe from Saint Pius X
I've enjoyed reading your presentation.
Its cool because its based on Maths & kids can learn new things on your presentation.
They can also solve the problem. What I like about your presentation and your blog is that you make it funny and entertaining. lol

Keep up the good work Willy!
Hope to see you sometime :)

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