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The Speech - The Speech!

Now, if you are wanting to read the speech, click here.

The moment I've been waiting for and expecting....the speech...

So back there, at the Panmure Yacht Club, near the deck, the school ambassadors were seated at a table. I was there, also. I didn't know who was going up first, or who was going next, because from what Mrs Burt had said to us prior to the speaking, it was that part of the "rotation" (the order of who goes to speak, and who is next) would be changed, since the representative from Stonefields (Victoria, I think it is) was not there.

I forgot who went first...oh, no, wait, it was the ambassador from Glen Innes, Shanelle. Whoa, what a bloomin' coincidence, there was a picture on her presentation that was a comment on her blog. One of the comments was! From me! Isn't this like Shortland Street! No...not really, when you do something a week ago then it mysteriously gets you back, no, that's not like Shortland Street.

Other student ambassadors (not in actual order of speaking), such as Gloria from Tamaki College, Lennyx from Glenbrae, Shanelle from Glen Innes, Miria from Ruapotaka, Yvette from Panmure Bridge, Bradley from Sommerville, Nirvana from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moananui A Kiwa, Iisa from Point England, and Tokilupe (Lupe for short) from St. Pius X, had just presented their speech.

It was me. I began walking up to the stage as Lennyx's video was playing, having reminded myself, "Don't go back now, Willy. Don't get more lollies!", and while I was walking, I had realised how much people there were! It was a lot of people!

Mrs Burt sat on a bench, and there was another empty bench next to her. I guess that was for the next speaker. I asked her a few questions, one being, "Are you going to play the whole video?",
"No, it's going to end in a minute!" she replied. Not what she actually said, but close!
The microphone was in my hand. I tested it if it was working. Hitting the top twice, then hearing feedback, I thought it was working. The video ended abruptly, then the slide with me doing my "pose" popped up.

 "Now it's me!" I start off. Scattered laughter from the crowd. This escalated throughout the whole speech. A few jokes were working, I was becoming more comfortable about talking speech! And I also described someone's journey (if you heard my speech, you'll know who I'm talking about) to making their first comment on my blog. It was then deleted :\

Prior to first speech:
Willy, is this the uhh..
Mouse, yes, that's a mouse...

Prior to second speech:
Oh, I found the mouse, it's just a bit hard to find the letters!

Prior to third speech:
Done! I commented, "thanks"!

There was one part where I had talked about the D.L.O I created. Since Ms Aireen was sitting at the back, with the other teachers, and the D.L.O looked a LOT like the actual template. So, I tried to make a reason up. "...I'm not the person that puts the effort, into decorating drawings...", but again, that wasn't what I actually said, but is close.

I remember another part of the speech where I asked the teachers, "Who knows me?" and out of all the teachers from the other schools, the Tamaki Primary teachers were the one who stood out most. "Thank you, Miss." I say, smirking with my head down, looking into the laptop for what I needed to say next. Before I knew it, I was done! Only one more person to talk, which was Avishek from St. Patricks. and we'd be finished with the presentations.

Later on, I never knew how many teachers would comment about my speech! And my "comedic timing", as Mrs Kelly said.

Oh, yes. I have no idea how there is a bit more space underneath this. Something happened that caused this to happen.

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Ms Aireen said...

Hi Willy,

You were absolutely tremendous with the way you presented last week. Many people commented positively on the way you presented with confidence and were inspired with how you shared the way you lean in class through 'learn, create, share'.

I am very proud of you Willy and I know you have a bright future ahead of you.
Malo lava!

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