Friday, 21 August 2015

The Speech - The Club...

"Uhh, can't really, say anything at the moment...I wet my pants...with...with the water, didn't pee my pants, that's not right."
-Willy, Tamaki Primary Student, 2015

Ahh, what a great way to start off a post like this with one of the things I said during the day. I had actually videoed myself in the bathroom saying that, as I would need privacy to record.

Back before that accident, nearly all of the staff of Tamaki Primary and I were off to the Panmure Yacht Club, and believe me, I have never been inside there, let alone expected what to see inside there. I'm sitting in the front passenger seat, Ms Aireen's driving, Ms Kyla's in the back passenger seat. I could hear a bit in their conversation (thought I didn't know what it was about), but my thoughts drowned out their words.

Will there be a lot of people there? Is it going to be a lot of people?! A LOT OF PEOPLE?!?!  A LOT OF PEOP-

Oh, we arrived at the car park, and there were those kayak boat-things (forgive me if I'm wrong, I forgot the actual name) on the left...right...left side of me, I forgot which side. Goodness me! I'm forgetting so much details. I remember thinking of "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce playing in my head. I'm out of the car, and am stretching just a LITTLE bit as I exit the car. Mrs Manuyag covers my ears and says something that was guaranteed  up a flight of stairs and past a door. Then we were in....

I had to walk to the student ambassador's table. Sitting down, I place the netbook bag onto the table. We didn't talk that much for the moment. Then Mrs Burt told us about the internet. That's where the whole talkative connection began. Literally, connection, the wi-fi was quite...weird, as you would say, it would go off then on, then off, then on.

And so, the speeches began. The student ambassador for St. Pius came in during one particular speech, I forgot whose it was, and what a brilliant sight! The ambassador from Glenbrae (Lennyx) and from Tamaki College (Gloria) were looking confused. I was confused from them being confused! Talk about confu-ception! Get it, Inception, that movie of dreams in dreams, this one is confusion in confusion...

I turned around, and what a sight. There were TWO of the ambassadors from St. Pius X! Goodness crike! "What? What?!" I started getting more confused than I was a couple seconds ago! "What the?! WHAT THE?!" I was exclaiming, in my head, and out loud. Later on I learned that her (her name was Lupe, by the way) "other self" was her twin. A twin! Her twin was here to support her.

There were lollies at the table, I might add. And as the nerves kicked in, a lolly was taken, and eaten. I had taken a lot of lollies. And there were two bottles of water. I drank most of the first bottle of water...I was really nervous, I mean, have you been in that situation where that nervous feeling just builds inside of you, and you try to control it? I have, and if you have, I know how you feel.

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Heather Collins said...

You were great Willy, and very encouraging to all of us leaders...
I am assured that you have a fantastic future ahead of you whichever path you choose to take, be encouraged as you encourage others.

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