Saturday, 8 August 2015

Riddle Me...."Wednesday"......


First of all, some roleplay...let’s just pretend..that it’s Wednesday...okay? Good. Happy Wednesday everybody!

Just missing a week, I thought I would give some readers a bit of time to think about the riddle. The said riddle was: An empty bus pulls up to a stop and 10 people get on. At the next stop 5 people get off and twice as many people get on as at the first stop. At the third stop 25 get off. How many people are on the bus at this point?

A bit of logic would have needed to be used in this one. The answer, to be quick and not-that-punctual-but-still-punctual-as-in-I-still-did-a-post-on-this punctual, was…one...the bus driver! What a great answer, isn’t it?

Moving onto this week’s riddle. Let’s make this week easier, okay? Okay:

How can you make 7 even?

If you’re reading this and want to give a random guess, comment below! You might be right!

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MehIa said...

Okay this is a random answer...This is just a guess but is the answer...Just take away the s...from the seven to make it into even.....Hope this is correct!!


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