Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Goals and Mindset...

Hi! Below is another task from the Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset tasks I, along with the whole class, need to complete. To be honest, it was a mind-changing lesson, and by the time it was finished, I heard a lot of people mentioning both mindsets, usually using the Growth Mindset as the good example. In THIS tas-


Oh, sorry, something interrupted this description. I was saying, THIS task has a pyramid that has three sections, and if you read the drawing and see the extra text boxes showing you which is which, you'll find out!

  1. Which section of the pyramid has the most/least number of goals in it? 
    - The section of the pyramid that has the most goals is the 'I am confident that I can achieve these goals all by myself' section of the pyramid.
    - The section of the pyramid that has the least goals is the 'I can achieve these goals by learning from my experiences and receiving help from others' section.
  2. What do you need in order to add more personal goals to your pyramid?
    - I would need a Growth Mindset to add more personal goals, as having that mindset would make me want to have more challenges, and those challenges would be goals in a way.
  3. How can Growth Mindsets affect the shape of your pyramid?
    - Growth Mindsets affect the shape of my pyramid since if there are more goals, it might make the size of the pyramid bigger.
  4. How did you decide where to place your goals?
    - When thinking about the goals, I thought deeply about what would happen in the process of getting towards achieving the goal itself, and seeing what happened in those visualisations, I put them into the sections that they are in.

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