Friday, 21 August 2015

The Speech - At School!

Hi. Today was Teacher's Only Day. So no students came to school...except me.

The end. Bye.

Hold on! That's not all! I got the opportunity (a word that'll pop up later on in this post) to be an ambassador for the school (Tamaki Primary, I might add) and do a speech about Learn, Create, Share. This isn't the first time I've done this, the first time was in...Jun-no, Jul-no, wait, June, yes, June. June the something, yes.

I got to say the speech again, except this time it wasn't at the Old Tamaki Intermediate (there, that's what I'll call it, I'm not going to change my words like I did on the other post about doing the speech), it was at the Panmure Yacht Club! It was weird, about the place, as I didn't know what it was actually called, I had only called it:

That boating building!

But, yes, the building was the Panmure Yacht Club, and it...I can't really describe it's MAGNIFICENT WONDERS of a building...but this all started when I woke up, five minutes before the time I had told myself countless times that I would arrive at school at that time. I didn't. Wasn't that a surprise (!).

I rushed through everything, bumped into everything, and opened everything (as in curtains, I meant that I rushed through the curtains, bumped into the curtains, and then opened the curtains). I was ready, but looked tired, but who would notice that I looked like I had just woken up?

Walking to school, I feel a sense that they (the teachers) had already went. Oh, no! What on earth would I do right now! I knew what to do...yell out at the staffroom window, "Hello?! Hellooooo!!" and it was awkward. Have you been in that situation where you're yelling at a window in the morning, and don't know if there is actually someone there? Or, in that situation where you're yelling, hoping there's an echo?

If not, then I know I was! After about two minutes of calling out at probably nothing, I decided to go bac-

"Willy!" called back Ms Kyla. She had just opened the window of the staffroom to tell me, "Go to Ms Aireen's car!".


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MehIa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL Oh man Willy you're always lost(you know what I mean). But man the part when you were yelling at the window was just OMG so HILARIOUS and the part when you bumped into everything.....JUST OMG HAHAHAHA...Anywho hope you had fun:)


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