The Speech - At School!

Hi. Today was Teacher's Only Day. So no students came to school...except me.

The end. Bye.

Hold on! That's not all! I got the opportunity (a word that'll pop up later on in this post) to be an ambassador for the school (Tamaki Primary, I might add) and do a speech about Learn, Create, Share. This isn't the first time I've done this, the first time was in...Jun-no, Jul-no, wait, June, yes, June. June the something, yes.

I got to say the speech again, except this time it wasn't at the Old Tamaki Intermediate (there, that's what I'll call it, I'm not going to change my words like I did on the other post about doing the speech), it was at the Panmure Yacht Club! It was weird, about the place, as I didn't know what it was actually called, I had only called it:

That boating building!

But, yes, the building was the Panmure Yacht Club, and it...I can't really describe it's MAGNIFICENT WONDERS of a building...but this all started when I woke up, five minutes before the time I had told myself countless times that I would arrive at school at that time. I didn't. Wasn't that a surprise (!).

I rushed through everything, bumped into everything, and opened everything (as in curtains, I meant that I rushed through the curtains, bumped into the curtains, and then opened the curtains). I was ready, but looked tired, but who would notice that I looked like I had just woken up?

Walking to school, I feel a sense that they (the teachers) had already went. Oh, no! What on earth would I do right now! I knew what to do...yell out at the staffroom window, "Hello?! Hellooooo!!" and it was awkward. Have you been in that situation where you're yelling at a window in the morning, and don't know if there is actually someone there? Or, in that situation where you're yelling, hoping there's an echo?

If not, then I know I was! After about two minutes of calling out at probably nothing, I decided to go bac-

"Willy!" called back Ms Kyla. She had just opened the window of the staffroom to tell me, "Go to Ms Aireen's car!".



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL Oh man Willy you're always lost(you know what I mean). But man the part when you were yelling at the window was just OMG so HILARIOUS and the part when you bumped into everything.....JUST OMG HAHAHAHA...Anywho hope you had fun:)



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