Monday, 24 August 2015

Food Technology - Apple Crumble


Here is another post from Food Technology that was already finished, I just forgot to bloog iit. It was back then, when my group had baked Apple Crumble. It was an interesting finish! Sure, it tasted weird, but if it's weird, it may be good!

I completed it with T.J and Sulaiman. Again, didn't procrastinate!

Inside the presentation, you'll find the recipe, the ingredients needed, and the equipment. And the method, oh, no, wait, that is the instructions, isn't it? Probably. Oh, well. Enjoy the presentation! Please give me some feedback AND feedforward, so I know what to work on! It's no use doing the same thing every week!

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stanley said...

Hello Willy :D

WOW!!! Willy you and your buddy's have done a very good job on this amazing presentation about what you guys made in technology. The thing that stood out the most was the picture's you chose for your presentation. The reason why the picture's stood out to me the most was because it looks so delicious and it relate's to the slide it on so yeah good job Willy keep it up :D

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