Saturday, 8 August 2015

Division! A Problem Using Multiplicative Thinking.

WALT - use multiplicative thinking in division.

First off, the multiplicative thinking used was the fact that you, if in a situation where you would answer a question like this, you'd need to know all your tables.

Just note, I didn't know the actual WALT, and probably didn't know the task, but this was one example that was introduced to the group (but I wasn't involved since it was hard to figure out what the task was). So, I went onto the presentation with all the questions from last week, and saw a new one. It was division based, and learning it in little time, I figured the question, in the drawing, out.

Enjoy the hard thinking that was put into this D.L.O. Especially with the decorating, quite good, isn't it? But yes, the learning. 

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