Sunday, 23 August 2015

After The Speech - The Video...

So, after the speeches from all of us (ambassadors from every school), we were set a task that would later on be shown to everyone before the end of the hui (it was the Manaiakalani Hui, by the way, I think I should've mentioned it was at the Manaiakalani Hui...). Ms Grant (I'm using Ms since I don't know her "status"...yeah, Lennyx was right, that would sound off-topic, but you know what I mean!) had given all of us the task of getting a D.L.O about a learning opportunity that we may have heard from the speeches from both teachers and other student ambassadors.

It was confusing at first, knowing that I couldn't really focus from the hubbub across the tables of teachers. But later on I would ask her the one question that would sum up the whole thing. I forgot what it was, but it was beneficial to my advantage of...thinking. After morning tea, the whole crew gathered with Ms Grant and started planning our choices of what our teachers and school staff could consider having next year.

Many discussion occurred while we were brainstorming. I was curious and interested in this application from another school, and more curious about the use of iPads in schools, and "rewindable learning".

Watch the video below to see the end product!


Fiona Grant said...

Kia ora Willy,
Was it the question about rewindable learning? Learning that you are able to access again, outside of school time and when you need to.
Thanks again for contributing your ideas and thinking, I appreciated the opportunity to hear all of the presentations on Friday.
Ngā mihi,
Mrs Grant

D J Burt said...

Willy I am so pleased to see this post. Here is something crazy - I am reading your blog from my seat in an aeroplane somewhere between San Francisco and Dublin. I have no idea what 'dot' will appear on your map to represent my visit. Do they have 'space visitor' red dot? Anyway, I was so proud of you all and I am pleased to see that you have taken time to post about the Hui.

See you September 2nd.

Mrs Burt

Jody Wild said...

Thanks for sharing Willy - you made me feel like a 'virtual visitor' to a snippet of the day!
Kia ora, Miss Wild (PES)

Miss Kyla said...

It really was such a fantastic day, wasn't it, Willy?! You inspired me to be confident when speaking to that large group of people! All of our students made us so proud - including you, Willy. Lelei tele!

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