Sunday, 23 August 2015

After The Speech - The Notes! Part One...


Ever wondered how I would take notes during a couple of presentations while trying to perfect it? Ever wondered how I think at times of taking notes? Ever wondered what I did after the speech? Are you wanting to read this post?

Click "Read More" and it'll be worth it. If you're wanting to read about things that are innovative (I say it's innovative, because it sounded, looked, and felt innovative!).

Independent choice:
  • Collaborating with others on an activity chosen by said people
  • Engaging activities
  • When not with the teacher, using time to choose activities that are beneficial for the person’s learning.

Trans - to cross
Languaging - make language

Trans-languaging approach?
  • Literacy
  • Learning stuff
  • Multi-ethnic children (a child with many ethnics; Tongan-Maori-German-Samoan)
  • Different languages
  • Google?

Process language using language? Cross over with output. Bilingual.

Learn Create Share
  • Positive!!
  • Literacy modes.
  • Learner making DLO to show learning
  • Sharing with others.
  • On blogs.
  • We aim to get high.
  • One language with another input of another language and sharing online, or on displays.
  • Super power for accelerated.

To inflate one of the two balloons (second language), you would need to deflate the other balloon (first language). Don’t need to teach concepts twice.

Class site:
  • Learning is there
  • Visible to students
  • Learning intentions

Read the text, compare the chosen language and country with New Zealand or another chosen county’s way of a certain situation.

Using IT to enhance learning:
  • Starting with little kiddies
  • Tools in the IT or computers/iPads/netbooks to help with knowledge, mostly with words (sight words) and phrases (basic phrases).

Online Learning:
  • Not everyone has an iPad
  • But everyone has a device
  • Audio feedback
  • Written Feedback
  • Bad things about this: Trying to plan for ALL points, and not knowing (let it go, and would never know if anyone would sign up, not knowing the kids)
  • Good: large quantities, starting courses early for credits, organisation of it, haven’t ran two sites, one for the little kiddies, the other for college (this was written ABOUT the teacher speaking)?

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