Sunday, 23 August 2015

After The Speech - Morning Tea

I was good, someone said, I easily broke the ice with everyone, someone said.

I've done my speech, I've done my say in the speeches, now here comes the hard part. This is the full story behind the little video that was posted earlier today.

Dang it, I spilled water on myself. I was trying to crush the cup, and if I can describe it perfectly, the cup was crushed, and I turned it upside down...there was still water in it, then SPLISH....

Ms Grant had told us all about what we would be doing later on, and after a few speeches from a couple of teachers, and ONE of them, was Ms Kyla! Her speech was about trans-languaging, as I remembered, and...and...argh, I'll post the whole notes after. It's hard to put them into sentences, when I know that I was making notes to make it look like I knew what I was doing.

But I did get all of the notes in the end, and how in the end, it did have its "bad things", but it mostly had its "good things" for learning in the different schools.

Morning Tea came. And it was quite a hubbub!

At the place where the food and beverages were, me and Lennyx went there together, wondering if there was coffee. There was. And a long line. A kind man let us both in front of him, how nice! And we tried to deny it, but it was a random good gesture, so who can stop that, right? I got some pieces of food, went for the cups, and got myself some black, hot, coffee, going into the cup. I walk off, sneaking a few biscuits.

Lennyx was not so lucky. His teacher had apparently told him to get the juice instead. We shall remember the fallen coffee...getter...person...COMRADE..

The ambassadors were talking with each other, about our speeches. Bradley had told me my speech was great, and asked me how I did what I did. I was honest, as always, saying that when people laugh with you, you can become more comfortable with the crowd, you can connect with them.

That wasn't exactly what I said, but as always, it's almost close!

The coffee was worth it, by the way. Sure, it was as hot as a piper...sure, it might have literally burnt a part of my tongue off, but it was worth it. Outside I was going, "Oh, yes, I concur, great coffee, yes...", and on the inside I was goin-


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