Sunday, 23 August 2015

After The Speech - 1 2 1 4 1 2 3

I don’t know what the numbers mean, I just wanted to make it the title of this next section.

Here is another part of the "notes" I took during a couple of the teacher's presentations. It was going by fast and I need to make sure I made it look right. But, amazingly, from everything I wrote for probably no reason, I actually learned something...

iPads in Junior School:
Supporting learning for student AND teacher.

PLC - Professional Learning ____________.

Ordered Sharing → Reflective Study → ← Commitment to Action → Regrouping & Reflection

Students Success Problem Solving All together makes (prior to meeting looks at goals and strategically looking at goal thing, what reading level has changed for them?

Discuss to actual progression and reading levels
How can we improve? Or take away? Or even put in?

Outcome - students succeeded with more progressions

Guided reading session without wasting time?? Work from the story set from the reading progression. Silence is golden. Silence is not golden. Huh??

Scaffolding to facilitate independence!!

From silence……… having it rewindable (if stuck, can go back!)

Engaged = regulated learning

They can listen to their learning, can rewind, can go forward, and change anything in their learning. If student can achieve that, they can aim for more and aim for more goals such as agreeing or disagreeing, and all the rest.

Students that struggled…….struggled…..the use of the iPad was important for them, as the result was reaching reading levels and goign further??

Reading rotation could be a thing of the past!!

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