Monday, 3 August 2015

2 Weekly Post (Week/Part One of School)


For this week (Monday 20th - Friday 24th), we see that school is back, for Term Three. The week starts off in a great fashion, but will the greatness continue? A friend tries to keep an event a secret, but will they succeed in their plan of secrecy? With the holidays over, the hard work begins...

The first day of school. For Term Three, how delightful. I came early (between 7:30am and 7:45am) to see the ending sunset, and then, out of nowhere, a rainbow! Then another rainbow! But, to ruin the feeling, it rained. This began a long line of bad luck or unlucky coincidences. Many more people came at different times and before you know it, most students were here. 

In class, Ms Aireen and Mrs Komor talked about expectations and the rules, to refresh our minds a little. Later on in the day, I would realise that bending down to touch your toes without checking who's behind you would be a major embarrassment. We all laughed after I bent down, and Mele, a friend of mine, was sitting right behind me! Haha! So embarrassing, but a great laugh...

Oh! And Mehi's birthday! How delightful, she didn't want anyone to know it was her birthday, but, when in Tamaki Primary, whatever you say will not happen, will happen. Quite ironic. But, you know, that's the new normal. Everyone sang that song, "Happy Birthday" to her, and to my surprise, she actually enjoyed it!

The second day. Usually, Tuesday is said to be my lucky day. I forgot how I knew this, or even got this information from, but I believed it was a lucky day for me. I don't think it was (haha!). The WHOLE SCHOOL had a big reveal, which was related to the Inquiry topic: Practicing (or Practising) Peaceful Play

It was like a boot camp, and in our Houses (Alamein, Tobruk, Benghazi, and Tripoli, those are the "main" roads in Tamaki), we had to do activities that we would work together on. It was cool, but at the same time, tiring! Haha! But it was a really great time of bonding with each other, even with the people you don't regularly talk to or interact with.

I accidentally tripped over while "prancing" in the corridor.

It was quite a good day. Can't remember some of it, but that doesn't matter. I was chosen for a specific something-something that I might not reveal at this moment now.

Yay! Technology! It's back! And my group was in Food Technology. Although it was Food Technology, we didn't make or bake, or cook, anything. Except for Milo & Toast, though. That was nice...

A bike lesson was after lunch. But, it was more of a free biking session, where mostly everyone was riding around the track. SOMEONE caused me to accidentally cut my fingers. Amazingly, the cuts were at the same place on each finger. That was weird. Especially for the fact that my fingers were cut!!

What a great way to end the school week. There was a Syndicate Assembly. That is when the Year Seven and Eights would have a little assembly to celebrate achievements. There were a lot of us, so that would make it a syndicate. We sang a song (sort of, maybe not really, but yeah...) that was quite awkward. I never chose that (!). Stanley chose another song that was also quite, awkward. So awkward, perhaps, we didn't even sing it...

Awards were given out. Especially one, which was about my 900th POST!! Everyone was clapping and stuff. Just like everyone else who got an award. Such a great feeling to be up there.

Then I had to go up again and present a reflection I never blogged. Dang it, loss of communication thing or something! Embarrassed me to make an awkward reflection, just....standing there...reading a piece of paper.

From this week, it was a GREAT week to start the term! :D

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