Saturday, 8 August 2015

2 Weekly Post (Part Two, Week Two of School)

Hi, again!

It's the second week at Tamaki Primary for Term Three, most of the week having a New York Minute in the most uncalled for times.

Musical talents break a leg. Sometimes others just can't cut the mustard. One person follows their gut, ends up hitting the nail on the head. But, for me, if it's not one thing, it's another.

Secretly, I queer the pitch for myself.

Monday started off...good...I came later than I expected for Breakfast Club duty. But that, of course, was just because Mrs Micic, the school librarian and librarian specialist, was still on the other side of the world. At least we think she was. But yeah, I came late. It was worth it, though.

I remember doing a bus stop activity all to do with games. It was cool, even with some running. And, SOO MANY IDEAS!! It's amazing how before no one would raise their hand, yet with the Bus Stop, almost probably EVERYONE participates in contributing to something! Wow!

It was the start of Maori Language Week, and the class were going to have their first task related to the Maori Language. I wasn't there, actually. I had to do something out of class. But, I still completed it in the coming days...

Tuesday was...I can't put my finger on it, I can't recall anythi-oh! Yes! That speech! The remainder of the class (because most students were either in Kapa Haka or in band practising for a recording) watched this speech by this student, talking about the importance of people pronouncing Maori words and names correctly. It hit us, taking notes down, with the help of a couple of pauses by Mrs Komor (it was almost hard to keep up with listening and then jotting it down).

For the post, click here!

Wednesday. I was out of class, but luckily I did the first Maori Language Presentation. Somehow it took a LONG LONG time to at least remember PARTS of the Maori Months and Days, but thankfully, I got through, and had good results.

Thursday was an interesting day. I had a chance to film the Year Eight Band record a song, and practise, alongside Stanley, who was originally singing, saying just one part at the very end, but didn't. Tragic, I know. But, at least I had some help. We went around almost to everyone, giving out good luck gestures and being as good as always.

Sort of. We filmed random shots, and most of it was just Mehi singing, because, at that moment, Mehi was the lead singer. Here is her post about this, and a bit of a statement about me, humorously, here. It was cool, listening to them...

If only I had gone out the class to film the other bands, and the Kapa Haka group. Dang. At least I got the Year Eight Band, it's better than nothing!

Friday. Technology. The Food Technology group finally cooked something after a week. We made apple crumble! I had never tasted it prior to cooking, so it was quite a new thing for me, and probably other people in the group. The actual taste, was hot. Steaming hot. So hot, I made jokes about random stuff I can't reveal right now.

In the middle block, I was quite surprised! Just when I needed Teina, she was my buddy for a task about games from other countries, she was gone! And so were parts of the class! Where would they be?

Oh, well. I went to edit the recording movie with Mehi. At the end of that, she got into editing. I mean, really, she does. I was once struggling to drag the shots of the recordings and when it came to worked! She did it! How weird... ]:-|

And, it turned out that the Kapa Haka group were in Manukau for a performance. I didn't hear about that! Wow! From the responses I got from all of it, I think they had a pretty good time. Brandon left his bag in Manukau....

I found a way to get back my ability to edit something! Yes! When Mehi was gone, I was in the mood of editing some parts of the video. It went well! It actually worked with me! To celebrate, I just

The day of the first session of Performing Arts. The whole school would be split up into performing groups, and at the end, there would be a Fiafia Night. Except this time, it's different. I was not in a performing arts class. Instead, I was in an acting class. That's all I want to say. The acting group practised acting games to get us into the acting experience, and wasn't it fun!

Anyway, that was this week...

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