Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trains Are Teasing! Multiplicative D.L.O (Train Teasers)


WALT - use multiplicative thinking/knowledge to solve word problems (I don't know the actual WALT but at least I made one up!)

This post is going to be about Maths! A specific part of Maths, where I needed to think a lot about the questions, as they were centred between Level 3 to Level 4. Yes...I thought a lot about them, and how to answer them as well. I worked on this by myself, since there was no one else to buddy up with :\

Enjoy! Comment below this post to give me feedback, and feedforward! It's not good if I don't improve on activities, or else I would end up doing the wrong thing!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Here is the Riddle Me Wednesday post...IN A PRESENTATION! WHOA! ISN'T THAT REVOLUTIONARY?! Whooa! If you want to make a comment from the riddle this week, leave your comment for next Tuesday, or else other commenters may copy you! You never know! It happened before! Enjoy the presentation!

Hauora - Identifying Factors (there's a chance Stanley may copy this title)

Hi. This is a presentation I completed with my friend, Stanley. He was a bit busy, but prompted most of the presentation. Sure, there was a bit mistakes, and sure, I may have...changed...his...sentences...but at least he hasn't noticed! Unless he reads this post right here. He said he bookmarked my blog....for idea-

Moving on!! This is about Hauora, and the two of us identified factors that affected our personal, physical, social, and emotional growth with our Hauora.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Food Technology - Apple Crumble


Here is another post from Food Technology that was already finished, I just forgot to bloog iit. It was back then, when my group had baked Apple Crumble. It was an interesting finish! Sure, it tasted weird, but if it's weird, it may be good!

I completed it with T.J and Sulaiman. Again, didn't procrastinate!

Inside the presentation, you'll find the recipe, the ingredients needed, and the equipment. And the method, oh, no, wait, that is the instructions, isn't it? Probably. Oh, well. Enjoy the presentation! Please give me some feedback AND feedforward, so I know what to work on! It's no use doing the same thing every week!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

After The Speech - 1 2 1 4 1 2 3

I don’t know what the numbers mean, I just wanted to make it the title of this next section.

Here is another part of the "notes" I took during a couple of the teacher's presentations. It was going by fast and I need to make sure I made it look right. But, amazingly, from everything I wrote for probably no reason, I actually learned something...

After The Speech - The Notes! Part One...


Ever wondered how I would take notes during a couple of presentations while trying to perfect it? Ever wondered how I think at times of taking notes? Ever wondered what I did after the speech? Are you wanting to read this post?

Click "Read More" and it'll be worth it. If you're wanting to read about things that are innovative (I say it's innovative, because it sounded, looked, and felt innovative!).

After The Speech - Morning Tea

I was good, someone said, I easily broke the ice with everyone, someone said.

I've done my speech, I've done my say in the speeches, now here comes the hard part. This is the full story behind the little video that was posted earlier today.

Dang it, I spilled water on myself. I was trying to crush the cup, and if I can describe it perfectly, the cup was crushed, and I turned it upside down...there was still water in it, then SPLISH....

Ms Grant had told us all about what we would be doing later on, and after a few speeches from a couple of teachers, and ONE of them, was Ms Kyla! Her speech was about trans-languaging, as I remembered, and...and...argh, I'll post the whole notes after. It's hard to put them into sentences, when I know that I was making notes to make it look like I knew what I was doing.

But I did get all of the notes in the end, and how in the end, it did have its "bad things", but it mostly had its "good things" for learning in the different schools.

Morning Tea came. And it was quite a hubbub!

At the place where the food and beverages were, me and Lennyx went there together, wondering if there was coffee. There was. And a long line. A kind man let us both in front of him, how nice! And we tried to deny it, but it was a random good gesture, so who can stop that, right? I got some pieces of food, went for the cups, and got myself some black, hot, coffee, going into the cup. I walk off, sneaking a few biscuits.

Lennyx was not so lucky. His teacher had apparently told him to get the juice instead. We shall remember the fallen coffee...getter...person...COMRADE..

The ambassadors were talking with each other, about our speeches. Bradley had told me my speech was great, and asked me how I did what I did. I was honest, as always, saying that when people laugh with you, you can become more comfortable with the crowd, you can connect with them.

That wasn't exactly what I said, but as always, it's almost close!

The coffee was worth it, by the way. Sure, it was as hot as a piper...sure, it might have literally burnt a part of my tongue off, but it was worth it. Outside I was going, "Oh, yes, I concur, great coffee, yes...", and on the inside I was goin-


This Is What Happens When Something Goes Wrong While Doing A Movenote...

Hi. Below are three Movenote Presentations, that are about the same presentation, but unfortunately, something bad happened. Maybe you can't really talk, then pause, then talk, then pause again many times anymore. It started so well...

Then it got me a LITTLE frustrated...

And then I got the final cut! Here it is!

The Most Sarcastic Post I'll Ever Do...Food Technology! Bacon Cheesy Quiche-like Bun!

Hi! This is the presentation that my whole group completed together. Don't worry about the fact that this was posted today, on a Sunday, we finished it on Thuursdayy. They contributed so much into the presentation, they even had a try of adding pictures of themselves by themselves! It was a great time making this food, and it was also a great time working with them, A LOT.

Enjoy the presentation, in which I would honestly say that they did most of the work. They didn't procrastinate at alll.

After The Speech - The Video...

So, after the speeches from all of us (ambassadors from every school), we were set a task that would later on be shown to everyone before the end of the hui (it was the Manaiakalani Hui, by the way, I think I should've mentioned it was at the Manaiakalani Hui...). Ms Grant (I'm using Ms since I don't know her "status"...yeah, Lennyx was right, that would sound off-topic, but you know what I mean!) had given all of us the task of getting a D.L.O about a learning opportunity that we may have heard from the speeches from both teachers and other student ambassadors.

It was confusing at first, knowing that I couldn't really focus from the hubbub across the tables of teachers. But later on I would ask her the one question that would sum up the whole thing. I forgot what it was, but it was beneficial to my advantage of...thinking. After morning tea, the whole crew gathered with Ms Grant and started planning our choices of what our teachers and school staff could consider having next year.

Many discussion occurred while we were brainstorming. I was curious and interested in this application from another school, and more curious about the use of iPads in schools, and "rewindable learning".

Watch the video below to see the end product!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Speech - The Club...

"Uhh, can't really, say anything at the moment...I wet my pants...with...with the water, didn't pee my pants, that's not right."
-Willy, Tamaki Primary Student, 2015

The Speech - At School!

Hi. Today was Teacher's Only Day. So no students came to school...except me.

The end. Bye.

Hold on! That's not all! I got the opportunity (a word that'll pop up later on in this post) to be an ambassador for the school (Tamaki Primary, I might add) and do a speech about Learn, Create, Share. This isn't the first time I've done this, the first time was in...Jun-no, Jul-no, wait, June, yes, June. June the something, yes.

I got to say the speech again, except this time it wasn't at the Old Tamaki Intermediate (there, that's what I'll call it, I'm not going to change my words like I did on the other post about doing the speech), it was at the Panmure Yacht Club! It was weird, about the place, as I didn't know what it was actually called, I had only called it:

That boating building!

But, yes, the building was the Panmure Yacht Club, and it...I can't really describe it's MAGNIFICENT WONDERS of a building...but this all started when I woke up, five minutes before the time I had told myself countless times that I would arrive at school at that time. I didn't. Wasn't that a surprise (!).

I rushed through everything, bumped into everything, and opened everything (as in curtains, I meant that I rushed through the curtains, bumped into the curtains, and then opened the curtains). I was ready, but looked tired, but who would notice that I looked like I had just woken up?

Walking to school, I feel a sense that they (the teachers) had already went. Oh, no! What on earth would I do right now! I knew what to do...yell out at the staffroom window, "Hello?! Hellooooo!!" and it was awkward. Have you been in that situation where you're yelling at a window in the morning, and don't know if there is actually someone there? Or, in that situation where you're yelling, hoping there's an echo?

If not, then I know I was! After about two minutes of calling out at probably nothing, I decided to go bac-

"Willy!" called back Ms Kyla. She had just opened the window of the staffroom to tell me, "Go to Ms Aireen's car!".


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hauroa - Te Whare Tapa Wha - Four Walls of Self

Hi. The presentation below is showing my homegroup's thinking around Te Whare Tapa Wha (The Four Walls of Self). There were four of us, and one of us would choose a "wall" or an "area". For example, I chose to do the physiological side (the mentality, the mental side, all about the mind and emotions), and so, I went to a brainstorm about the physiological group to brainstorm ideas around it. It was the same thing for the others.

I worked on this with Patosina, Brodie, and Niko. We decorated it with pictures that related to the wall we worked on. Please comment below to give me feedback and feedforward, so I can continue to improve!

Riddle Me Wednesday!

The Riddle Me Wednesday post has gone through Vocaroo, and this is the outcome!

TRANSCRIPT (if it's hard to hear it):
Hi, everyone,

Welcome to another, uhh, format of the Riddle Me Wednesday post. Sorry (if) this is a bit, uhh, rushed, but...I'm not gonna give up now!

Because the video took a long time to do. So, I might as well do it in different formats. Like last week was a video, two weeks ago it was words, now it' recording...uhm, the riddle last week - I had some feedback on it - it was, a man in tights was knocked out by a rock next to him. The rock did not touch him. What happened to him? (this is the actual riddle).

And a lot of people, they thought a lot, they thought a lot...and might've cheated, I don't know. The principal (Mrs Kelly) even had a try...I don't know what her guess was, but it was probably right. The answer was: Superman. He's in tights, and he's famous. Uhh, and the rock is the kryptonite, and you know, kryptonite is Superman's weakness. Uhh, so, if I could just, see a riddle, here. Ahh, okay, this is gonna be the first on the top of my head (???), do do, do do, doo, do do do, do do doo, dedoo dedoo, doo, deh deleh deleh deh, det delet delet doo, doo doloo, la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, (other random noises I can't really comprehend to type into this)

They come out at night without being called, and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they?

The answer, the answer, next week. The answer will be showcased next week. I have a mind fog right now. But, if you want to comment below, you can SAVE your comment, but make sure you do comment before the next post.

Thank you.

No Googling!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Throwback Thursday! Chocolate Cake!

Welcome back! To another Throwback Thursday Post! I told myself not to do this again, for it was just a once-off (meaning I would do it once and only once). But, I needed a good way for posting unfinished work, that has been finished WAY over the due date. So, here's another one. Enjoy!

On Week Three, the Food Technology Group, or as I should say, my Technology Group, made ca-

Pat a cake, pat a cake, Baker's man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can,
Roll it up, roll it up,
Throw it on a pan!
Pat a cake, pat a cake, Baker's man...

Whoa. Sorry, didn't expect that to happen. But it's a good nursery rhyme, right?? Right...*high fives myself*

This was supposed to be posted on the day that we baked the cakes, which was...last week, but unfortunately, the group I was in didn't finish it in time, and it was only a week later that we finished it. But, hey, at least it's finished! Enjoy the presentation! It may look plain but it suited the background for the pictures, except for the Technology pictures.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Goals and Mindset...

Hi! Below is another task from the Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset tasks I, along with the whole class, need to complete. To be honest, it was a mind-changing lesson, and by the time it was finished, I heard a lot of people mentioning both mindsets, usually using the Growth Mindset as the good example. In THIS tas-


Oh, sorry, something interrupted this description. I was saying, THIS task has a pyramid that has three sections, and if you read the drawing and see the extra text boxes showing you which is which, you'll find out!

  1. Which section of the pyramid has the most/least number of goals in it? 
    - The section of the pyramid that has the most goals is the 'I am confident that I can achieve these goals all by myself' section of the pyramid.
    - The section of the pyramid that has the least goals is the 'I can achieve these goals by learning from my experiences and receiving help from others' section.
  2. What do you need in order to add more personal goals to your pyramid?
    - I would need a Growth Mindset to add more personal goals, as having that mindset would make me want to have more challenges, and those challenges would be goals in a way.
  3. How can Growth Mindsets affect the shape of your pyramid?
    - Growth Mindsets affect the shape of my pyramid since if there are more goals, it might make the size of the pyramid bigger.
  4. How did you decide where to place your goals?
    - When thinking about the goals, I thought deeply about what would happen in the process of getting towards achieving the goal itself, and seeing what happened in those visualisations, I put them into the sections that they are in.

Riddle Me Wednesday!


Here's a new version of the Riddle Me Wednesday! post! On a video! Please do not mind it saying, "read" instead of "watch", but the video is mainly reading-based. You're going to have to read the words in the video, while also hearing my almost enunciating voice. 

And, also, Mehi commented on the last one, having a guess, and if you go back to the post through the archive and see her comment, watch the video to see if she's right...or if you're right, what ever way works...

Whanau Conference Goals Presentation! GOOOAAAALLLLSS!!

It's that time of the year again, folks! The presentation above are my chosen learning goals that I hope to achieve by the end of the year! If you may recall from a couple of months back, I did my goals based on the T.R.U.M.P (which means, if I should say it, Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding or Using Signs, Symbols, and Text, Manging Self, and Participating and Contributing). This time, the goals are now in learning mode!

Learning mode, as in, Reading, Writing, and Maths, along WITH the Key Competencies (T.R.U.M.P) Goals, and Personal Goals. That's a lot of goals!

Enjoy the presentation!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

2 Weekly Post (Part Two, Week Two of School)

Hi, again!

It's the second week at Tamaki Primary for Term Three, most of the week having a New York Minute in the most uncalled for times.

Musical talents break a leg. Sometimes others just can't cut the mustard. One person follows their gut, ends up hitting the nail on the head. But, for me, if it's not one thing, it's another.

Secretly, I queer the pitch for myself.

Games! What Are They? Why Are They Interesting? Read the Presentation To Find Out...

Hi. This is a presentation that is NOW FINISHED with added pictures, that I collaborated on with Cavhyon and Lolo. It was about what "Games" are to us. It was sometimes hard to decide on some games because we had different backgrounds, but in the end we added games that fitted our backgrounds altogether (Slide 7).

It was also fun doing the Bus Stop Activity beforehand, which included the whole class. Most or some of the ideas in the presentation were from the Activity. Enjoy :)

By the way, this was supposed to be posted a week ago.

Riddle Me...."Wednesday"......


First of all, some roleplay...let’s just pretend..that it’s Wednesday...okay? Good. Happy Wednesday everybody!

Just missing a week, I thought I would give some readers a bit of time to think about the riddle. The said riddle was: An empty bus pulls up to a stop and 10 people get on. At the next stop 5 people get off and twice as many people get on as at the first stop. At the third stop 25 get off. How many people are on the bus at this point?

A bit of logic would have needed to be used in this one. The answer, to be quick and not-that-punctual-but-still-punctual-as-in-I-still-did-a-post-on-this punctual, was…one...the bus driver! What a great answer, isn’t it?

Moving onto this week’s riddle. Let’s make this week easier, okay? Okay:

How can you make 7 even?

If you’re reading this and want to give a random guess, comment below! You might be right!

Division! A Problem Using Multiplicative Thinking.

WALT - use multiplicative thinking in division.

First off, the multiplicative thinking used was the fact that you, if in a situation where you would answer a question like this, you'd need to know all your tables.

Just note, I didn't know the actual WALT, and probably didn't know the task, but this was one example that was introduced to the group (but I wasn't involved since it was hard to figure out what the task was). So, I went onto the presentation with all the questions from last week, and saw a new one. It was division based, and learning it in little time, I figured the question, in the drawing, out.

Enjoy the hard thinking that was put into this D.L.O. Especially with the decorating, quite good, isn't it? But yes, the learning. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Growth and Fixed Mindset Venn Diagram

NOTE: Below in the presentation may NOT be as relatable to a Venn Diagram as you think.


This is ANOTHER task from the Growth and Fixed Mindset tasks that everyone needs to complete. It was a great time learning, hearing, seeing, and encouraging the Growth Mindset. Sure, there's the Fixed Mindset, but it's less...less...growing. So, this presentation shows my thinking of sayings for Growth and Fixed Mindset. Except, that there is one part of the presentation where it's me completing it BEFORE or PRIOR to the lessons about Growth and Fixed Mindsets, and what I thought AFTER or FOLLOWING the lessons, about Growth and Fixed Mindsets.


Monday, 3 August 2015

2 Weekly Post (Week/Part One of School)


For this week (Monday 20th - Friday 24th), we see that school is back, for Term Three. The week starts off in a great fashion, but will the greatness continue? A friend tries to keep an event a secret, but will they succeed in their plan of secrecy? With the holidays over, the hard work begins...

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Class Definition of Growth and Fixed Mindset

This is a D.L.O about the class definition that Room 10 completed, in two groups. One was the Growth Mindset and the other was the Fixed Mindset. I was in the Fixed Mindset DEFINITION group, and with the power of all our minds to make a definition for both mindsets, we came up with the definitions on the drawing.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Top 5! Growth Mindset Quotes...

Here is another task/D.L.O about Growth Mindsets and Fixed Mindsets. Again, this is related to the Growth Mindset. I was learning to explain quotes that meant something personally, then put them on a list from 1 as in the "best" quote and 5 as in the...fifth? Something similar to that. Anyway, this D.L.O shows my explanation for each quote, the reason why I put that quote in it's place.