Thursday, 16 July 2015

Throwback Thursday (just a one-off, might not do it again) - Villains Vs Martyrs


Welcome to a Throwback Thursday. This is probably one of the only times I'll ever do this. Usually, in this case, i'll get at least one piece of work I forgot to blog in that work's period of time. For example, if I were to blog something from a term from last year, for example, Discoveries and their Impact, I SHOULD have blogged it during that term, but accidentally, and amazingly, didn't.

For this one, I have a drawing that was not blogged (at least I hope it wasn't, because if it was, then this is awkward) in the term that was Heroes. That means, it was from Term One that I was supposed to blog this. Anyway, here is the drawing here...

Explanation. The drawing shows the differences between Villains, and Martyrs. It shows me and Tioti's (I worked on this drawing with him, who is at another school now) opinions on the matter. A villain is someone evil, planning misery on people, but, they can be a martyr based on their backgrounds. A martyr is someone innocent who died, or was killed, for what they believed.

So there you have it. A Throwback Thursday for you, there.

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