Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Last Second Term Last Day...


I didn't forget to blog about the last day of school of the term. Because it was hard to think about it, really.

I was sick and almost forgot parts of the day.

But, here's what happened on Friday, the 3rd of July...

A sort of sunny day for a sick person such as myself, who went to school without Abigail, because the night before, she got another case of sickness by other children. And, she coughed on me, so what a surprise that I would be carrying the sickness. And going to school. Isn't that a plot or storyline.

So, anyway, I was at school, finally there before the bell, and I realise that I forgot the netbook I was borrowing at home. Gosh, dang it. And I didn't know we were doing work, still! On the last day! That sounds...actually good, for the blogging and stuff. But, yeah, I forgot it, because of THIS SICKNESS!

Everyone was working. Especially me, because I was using Sulaiman's netbook (he didn't need it anyway, he was doing some artwork) to complete the Current Events presentation I blogged earlier. With Lolo, who helped, by the way. I gave it back thirty minutes later (when he was getting annoyed that I was still using his netbook).

I coughed on Viliamu by accident, while I was working on the presentation. It was by accident. Orr was it?!

Morning Tea came, and I did not expect anything bad to happen while I was on my walk. I was dazed, and hungry. You could say that this was the main point of where I was entering the bad part of the sickness. By the way, I'm using the word, "sickness", because I don't know what I actually had/have. Anyway, getting straight to the point, something peculiar happened near the insides of the new building. Some sort of quarrel!

I shouldn't talk a lot about it, but a lot of people were coming towards me (I've gotta admit, I am pretty trustworthy...no, I was just the nearest Student Councillor nearby, I think). People were gathering, obviously, because that's how it will go nowadays, to try and see what's happening. That was me, too. But I was literally trying to solve the problem. All I wanted to do was just to hang out with Starr, because it was her last day at the school (she's moving to Whangarei with her sisters). And, there's a quarrel going on.

Gosh, dang it. And it was just because they weren't going to see each other for two weeks, the people involved in the quarrel.

After morning tea, there were groups of people going downstairs for their groups, the School Band and Kapa Haka. The rest of us were in the classroom, cleaned it up a lot, organized the furniture, picked up some stuff and we were done! With minutes to spare!

Those minutes were us talking about, and we were then separated into different classes around the school. I was in Room Eight with Viliamu and McKoy. Gosh, dang i-no, I shouldn't judge, haha. I'll just keep adding "Gosh dang it" in this post whenever I'm a bit annoyed, haha. But, anyway, me and them went to Room Eight. We took some used cardboard downstairs to the big recycling bin outside. We came back to the classroom, and just...relaxed...

Relaxed for almost the whole time we were there. McKoy was going around, and came back with some earphones and his sister's netbook. Viliamu was enjoying his new duffy book that he got earlier. I didn't get mine, but that's because I forgot to ask about it. Gosh, dang it. Anyway, I, in the spare time, was at least TRYING to get a decent nap (because of the sickness), and kept getting woken up by SOME people.

Lunchtime came. Desire and I chatter, looking for something to do. Ooh, we see that the bike sheds were open. What a surprise, because Mr Minton (Room Eight teacher) said that the bikes were being shut in the containers for the holidays. Hmm...<-- I meant that in a positive way.

On our way to the bikes, McKoy seemed to be in a mood, racing by, on the bike, with a long face, helmet incorrectly on.

But that didn't bother us until we got to Whaea Petra. At that moment, it did bother us, because we heard what happened before...he was literally angry, for what I think was no apparent reason. We go on the bikes...

I'm on a Mary Poppins bike. How surprising. I should've known. After all the other rides I've had in the past couple weeks, I should have known that my official last bike ride of the term would be on a teacher's bike, the most hardest, slipperiest (don't know if that's a word), funniest bike I've ever ridden. Well, the hardest bike I've ridden is the small children's bikes. That was awkward.

After lunchtime (to speed things up), McKoy wasn't in the classroom anymore. Instead, he was in Room Nine, he was kicked out for something. I don't know what it was, but I'm pretty sure it may have been bad. I spotted him in Room Nine while walking to class.

"What..." I start, "What are you doing there?" I ask,
"I got kicked out..." McKoy replies, "because of SOME GIRLS that kept comin' to me!" he said in an exaggerated blaming-like voice.
"Oh..." I reply to his reply, "...okay, well see ya, mate..." I end the conversation.

Now picture me walking down the stairs...to speed things up, we're in the hall now! How fast was that? The whole assembly was dedicated to songs and music from the band, the always thoughtful and amazing end of term speech from Mrs Kelly, and farewells to Starr and Destiny...

We all had a great time singing. Me and Viliamu were rocking out while "Man In the Mirror" was playing. The vocals were brilliant, I cheered Mehi on while she was cheering, let alone the rest of the band. Other songs played, and before you knew it...

That was it. End. Boom. There. I walked home after ending a fake argument with Viliamu. It was fake, it really was, we had fake voices and everything, and we both knew it was fake. I hugged Destiny, after a fast walk to catch up with her, "Gonna miss you a bunch" I say, in a rush home.

Arriving home, I could finally say that I can rest now, I can sit here for most of the time in my warm home and blog things and have more time to put it down...

I just wish I wasn't sick!

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